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Webinar: Cash Cycle Management

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March 29, 2012

Cut cash costs, but where? Optimize cash processes, but how?

With cash being the number one payment method and the number of banknotes in circulation continuing to grow, cash handling remains a big topic in retail banking.  However, cash handling is expensive and the lion’s share of that expense is incurred in retailing and at retail banks.  The reasons for this are very time-consuming, often manual cash handling processes. Financial institutions have to optimize their cash cycle management in order to be efficient, secure and gain transparency.

But which points of the complex cash supply chain offer the greatest potential for optimizing processes and reducing cash handling costs?  And where is the right place to start?  These and other questions will be answered within the webinar.

In this webinar sponsored by Wincor Nixdorf, you will learn:   

  • Facts & figures on global cash demand, circulation and usage today
  • Details on the challenges in cash cycle management
  • A clear view on cash processes and the potential for optimization
  • Promising scenarios for cash handling of the future
  • Case study: Benefits of optimal cash cycle management

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