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Webinar: ATM future trends and a lean toward more cash

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April 2, 2009
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The ATM and financial self-service industry continues to evolve, despite relative maturity in the United States. ATM deployers in the U.S. and beyond are considering a number of issues, from the implementation of advanced transactions and ever-increasing regulatory forces to a renewed focus on the distribution and dissemination of cash and automated deposits.

In this age of economic uncertainty, the ATM industry continues to flourish. As financial institutions across the globe enhance their ATM channels with automated deposit functionality, independent ATM deployers are looking for new opportunities and ways to work with them. Join us as we share insights from our in-depth five-year industry analysis, pulling from the results of a 1,600-respondent survey that includes input from some of the world's top financial institutions, EFT networks, ATM manufacturers and independent deployers.

Based on the research and survey findings of a collaborative effort spearheaded by ATM Marketplace and the ATM Industry Association, our speakers discuss:
  • Emerging cash trends in developed and developing markets
  • Opportunities for independent ATM deployers and financial institutions to collaborate
  • Economic forces that are driving ATM transaction volumes
  • Customer retention and new customer acquisition through the ATM
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