Webinar: Advanced-function ATMs: New opportunities to reach customers and members

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Oct. 16, 2009
Consumers demand pervasive banking. They expect transparency of technology and services, regardless of the banking channel.

This webinar identifies ATM deployment strategies that demonstrate how every financial institution can stop thinking of ATMs as simply a convenience for customers and members and instead think of them as revenue-generating, user-friendly access points to build loyalty.

By adding new functionality at the ATM, financial institutions worldwide can capitalize immediately on consumers' evolving expectation that they should be able to "bank anywhere, any time."

Topics to be covered:
  • With so many self-service options out there, how can an FI decide which options to deploy and where to deploy them?
  • What are the key ATM technologies consumers are ready for today?
  • Once self-service technologies are deployed, how do FIs get customers to use them?
  • What can an FI expect in the next five years if they choose to deploy new ATM functionality? 
  • What can they expect if they do not?

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