The DPL Group Hercules Plus User’s Manual

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Oct. 19, 2011

User Manual

The DPL Group Hercules Plus User’s Manual. Extended Service, 2 Way Wireless ATM Communications

Advantages: No phone line delays or fees. Installation is Plug and Play and your ATM becomes instantly portable.

1. The Hercules Plus can watch your ATM constantly and alert security and you by Cell phone data message and / or email immediately on the following conditions: power disconnected, machine tilted / disturbed and door opened inputs 1 & 2. Contact The DPL Group about our Anti-Theft kit!

2. Our AC Disconnect option allows the Hercules to switch off the AC power to your ATM for 5 seconds remotely. This allows you to reboot your ATM from your computer through our secure web site.

3. A “Signal Strength Module” is available to allow the installer / ATM deployer to verify the cellular signal strength of a given location.

4. A wide input range AC Adapter is supplied for installations at the end of a long extension cord or when using the same circuit as coolers or other high power drawing equipment.

5. A ‘High Gain Antenna’ is also available. This antenna is much longer than the one supplied with the unit. Please note that in some installations the ‘high gain antenna’ actually gives a lower gain as placement close to metal and inside malls can greatly affect antenna characteristics. The included antenna works extremely well in most applications since it can be placed on metal and away from metal sides easier.

6. Antenna extensions in 20’ and 40’ lengths are also available.

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