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Tactics for Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of Advanced Function ATMs

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White Paper

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Aug. 11, 2009
With the expanded acceptance of self service in society, banks are moving to make the ATM channel a more sophisticated and integral part of a consumer sales and delivery strategy by offering new products and services that increase usage, improve the customer experience and generate more income-producing transactions at the ATM.

Recent studies have shown that consumers prefer banking at ATMs where more functionality is made available. In an October 2006 survey conducted by Harris Interactive Inc. for Diebold, “…the younger demographics of both genders react most favorably to advanced ATM features such as paying bills and ordering checks”, and generally consumers would view their banks more favorably if they offered more advanced capabilities at the ATM.

There are a number of initiatives around the world to increase the sophistication of services offered at the ATM. Industry-leading Banks are dispensing coupons and stamps, as well as foreign currency at airport and travel departure points. Other value-added services include mobile phone minutes and providing the ability to make charitable donations at the ATM, all with the goal of increasing the number of visits, enhancing brand awareness, and generating more revenue per ATM per month.

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