SWITCHWARE ATM /Debit Payment Authorization and Transaction Switching

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March 3, 2011


SWITCHWARE® is an enterprise transaction processing, switching, and management system that provide features for ATM driving, debit card management, transaction authorization and switching, and merchant POS device management. In a typical environment, SWITCHWARE® provides in-house control of an ATM and POS network, an interface to a core financial system, connectivity to multiple regional, national or international EFT networks (i.e., MasterCard and Visa), and ATM/debit card management. Other functions include interfaces to a hardware security module (HSM) for cryptographic functions, interface to applications such as CSFi Sentinel™ automated alert notification system, Data Analyzer, and the new FraudBlock fraud detection and protection system.

Topics: Debit / Credit , Software , Transaction Processing

Companies: CSF International (CSFi)

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