M&T Bank made its ATM network secure with Novell’s ZENworks

Aug. 10, 2009

Case Study

M&T Bank has a sizable ATM network of more than 2,000 locations. The bank recently moved its NCR and Diebold ATM machines from an OS/2 operating system to Microsoft Windows XP. However, manually distributing updates to each ATM proved time-consuming, costing the bank nearly $500 per machine to dispatch technicians to each location.

Automating ATM management became a critical IT goal for M&T Bank.

The bank also wanted to automate desktop management and reduce the amount of IT time spent physically visiting individual desktops. Above all, the bank's highest concern for its ATMs and desktops is to maintain tight security that will protect customer data, increase uptime and help the bank comply with privacy requirements.

"Novell ZENworks outperformed the other products and gave us all the features we needed. We also liked its integration with Novell eDirectory, so we can manage our desktops based on a user's identity," commented Robert Nichols, Assistant VP for Network Computing Systems at M&T Bank.

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Topics: ATM Innovation , Remote Management , Software

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