Give customers the power to safeguard their accounts

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Dec. 7, 2011


Savvy customers look to their financial institutions (FIs) to protect their assets against security threats. From automated teller machines (ATMs) to online and mobile banking, providing customers with secure banking channels and a customizable experience are viable ways to enhance customers’ sense of security and increase retention rates.

Specializing in the delivery of innovative self-service solutions, Diebold understands the importance of providing customers with the latest security technologies. Diebold’s Card Lock is an application created to help FIs enhance relationships by empowering customers to further protect their own accounts against unauthorized or fraudulent use. The latest feature of Diebold’s MobiTransact® mobile banking offering, the Card Lock utilizes the mobile channel as an out-ofband authentication tool for ATM and point-of-sale
transactions. It gives customers the option to lock their FI-issued bank card as an added measure to help combat fraudulent or suspicious account activity.

Topics: ATM & Mobile Banking , Security

Companies: Diebold, Incorporated

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