Getting to Know Underbanked Consumers: A Financial Services Analysis

Aug. 7, 2009

Case Study

We have identified ten clusters, ranging from very low income Never Banked Natives to the Making It cluster, with a median income over $70,000, and have been able to suggest products and services appropriate for each cluster’s financial needs and desires. Moreover, we found that these clusters came in pairs that were similar in most demographic characteristics. Three sets of paired clusters suggested a pathway of development in the use of financial services. This suggests a reason for optimism with respect to serving this population: households move through the age spectrum naturally, and many also move through education or income levels as they age—and can be encouraged and assisted in doing so. Banks, and other financial services providers, willing to reach out responsibly to this sector with the products and services people need when young are likely to find that, like those in other demographics, these new customers can become core, profitable customers.

Topics: Banking Executive Summary , Company Profiles , Underbanked / Unbanked

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