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Executive Summary: ATM Future Trends Report 2012

Publication Type:
Special Report

Published / Updated:
Feb. 29, 2012

The third edition of the ATM Future Trends Report, brought to you by ATM Marketplace and the ATM Industry Association, surveys a cross-section of the financial services industry. Representatives from banks, credit unions, EFT networks, transaction processors, ATM manufacturers and independent ATM deployers come together to answer questions surrounding five-year trends, predictions, opportunities and challenges for the ATM industry.

The full report contains:

  • Results of our exclusive 2012 industry survey
  • More than a dozen commentaries from ATM industry insiders and experts
  • Special commentary from Mike Lee, ATM Industry Association, on the state of cash
  • ATM software trends and analysis
  • 140 pages, more than 144 charts and graphs

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