Dynamic Card Solutions’ Instant-Issuance Technology Available in the Northeast and Overseas

Jan. 1, 2011

Case Study

Debit cards dominate for several reasons. First, they have a high penetration rate in most markets as they tend to be a standard feature issued to account holders. Second, consumers use them regularly for everyday purchases, such as groceries and gas, because of their convenience, ease of use and wide merchant acceptance.

Savvy financial institutions realize that servicing customers who take advantage of the convenience of debit cards means greater card usage, interchange and higher client satisfaction.  To better serve members and respond to the rising demand for debit and credit cards, Service Credit Union implemented an instant issuance program in 2004 to issue cards on-the-spot.

After careful evaluation, Service Credit Union selected Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS) to replace its previous system. DCS proved ideal because its software could easily integrate with the credit union’s existing information system and meet the desired level of security. Service Credit Union selected DCS’ technology to instantly issue and re-PIN debit cards using DCS’ CardWizard software and SuperCAT® encoder for re-pinning.

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Topics: ATM Innovation , Debit / Credit , Software

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