Diebold's Rapid Processing

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Oct. 14, 2010

White Paper

The financial services industry has been rapidly redefining its automated teller machine (ATM) channel delivery model for more than five years, beginning with the release of an early Dove Consulting “ATM Deployer Study,” which revealed deployment growth had outpaced transaction growth.

In its most recent ATM Deployer Study, Dove surmised that financial institutions were beginning to view their ATMs as having the potential to serve as more than merely cash-dispensing machines and instead as strategic, full-service retail delivery channels. This ideology is continuing to evolve, inspiring the industry to transition to alternative strategic models that focus on consumer needs and preferences, with one of the most effective models featuring deposit automation—the ability to make cash and check deposits at the ATM without an envelope.

Topics: Bank Automation , Deposits / Check 21

Companies: Diebold, Incorporated

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