Device Integration in an Open Systems World

Aug. 12, 2009

White Paper

Just plug it in! With that, the expectation for quick and easy device integration with financial solutions is set. And yet, it is not quite that simple. Financial services devices remain specialized and require special drivers and handling to integrate well with branch automation and self-service solutions.

But there are ways to manage the issues. Open standards such as UnifiedPOS and XFS (eXtensions for Financial Services) can go a long way toward providing the base infrastructure for managing complex devices such as PINPads, Cash Recyclers and Image Scanners. And middleware that helps manage the interface between applications, standards and devices can further provide benefits for architectural and solution flexibility, adaptation and investment protection during deployment and future maintenance and upgrade cycles.

Download now to explore the challenges for proper financial device integration and how the XFS
standard and Nexus INvolve middleware provide the tools to better manage those issues...

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Companies: Nexus Software

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