C-Store Saves with Smart Safes

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Oct. 22, 2012

Case Study

Brother’s Food Mart was looking for a way to reduce the costs associated with traditional cash management. As a 24-hour operation with convenience stores throughout the New Orleans area, Brother’s Food Mart had long depended on CIT companies and smart safes for cash handling. Making a change in CIT providers, then, would require Brother’s to move to a new smart safe provider as well. When Brother’s switched to a CIT provider better suited to meet its needs, that provider recommended the Triton VersaSafe. This case study, sponsored by Triton, discusses the benefits of a smart safe system, including: 

  • Decreases the number of labor hours spent managing the daily cash volume
  • Reduces both internal and external theft by eliminating theft touchpoints
  • Provides same-day credit to accounts on funds deposited
  • Generates real-time reports remotely 

Topics: Cash Dispenser / Recycler / Acceptor , Retail / Off-Premises , Vault Cash / Cash Management

Companies: Triton

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