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BankWorld on Internet Today’s solution for tomorrow’s self-service bank

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Oct. 30, 2012

There are an estimated 2 billion internet users globally representing almost a third of the world’spopulation. With broadband access growing and smartphone and tablet usage increasing, customers are becoming more avid and demanding users of online banking.

In this day and age, customers expect more from their bank. They want access totheir finances anytime, anywhere, and expect their bank to deliver apersonalised and customisable service.

BankWorld is a dynamic internet banking application with resilient business capabilities that offers the best user experience for both retail and corporate customers. With BankWorld you own and manage your own online banking application that evolve as the internet and consumers’ needs evolve too.


CR2 is the leading global provider of innovative self-service banking solutions providing banks worldwide with robust and flexible ATM, Internet, Mobile, Kiosk and POS channels.

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