Anti-skimming Technology and EMV for the ATM

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Aug. 16, 2010

Billions of dollars are lost worldwide due to ATM card skimming and fraud, and thieves are becoming more technologically savvy. While most of the world is moving to EMV, criminals are migrating their activity to those regions that still rely on the magnetic stripe. In order to keep ATMs safe and decrease fraud levels, deployers must consider:

  • Physical security of the ATM
  • Security of the software at the ATM
  • User security
  • EMV technology 
By understanding the latest advances in technology for hardware and software, as well as educating consumers about using an ATM safely, ATM operators can help combat fraud, saving money and time.

Topics: EMV , Encrypting Pin Pads (EPP) , Security

Companies: TMD Security GMBH

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