Webinar - Cash Recycling: Achieve Cost Savings and Consumer Convenience through the Self-Service Channel

Type: Webinar
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Consumers continue to place a greater emphasis on convenience by requiring higher levels of self-service transactions throughout the ATM channel. In trying to meet these needs, the financial institution is faced with the burden of costs associated with handling, storing and transporting cash throughout the self-service channel. Today’s financial institutions need a solution that minimizes the impact of a costly cash cycle while enabling them to offer the high-end self-service transactions that consumers demand.
This webinar will provide specific information on cash recycling technology and demonstrate how planning for their inclusion in evolving self-service strategies, FIs can take control of the cash cycle while delivering the enhancements consumers want.
You will learn how to:

  • Increase operational efficiencies utilizing cash recycling technology to reduce the cost of handling, transporting and processing cash
  • Build customer loyalty and wallet share by freeing employees to be more responsive to customer needs
  • Reduce operational costs by minimizing courier and service engagements
  • Mitigate security risks by limiting cash movement