ShoreBank Managed ATM Services Allow Bank to Focus on Good Deeds

Sponsored by Pendum
Sponsored by: Pendum
Type: Case Study
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ShoreBank does a lot more for its community than provide financial services. The Chicago-based institution is determined to make a positive impact in underserved neighborhoods, promoting economic equity and a healthy environment. To stay focused on its noble mission, ShoreBank can’t waste time and money on an inefficient ATM program.

Instead of devoting its own valuable resources to day-to-day ATM management, ShoreBank leaves the heavy lifting to Pendum (formerly EFMARK-Bantek), through a Managed ATM Services program. Pendum brings every aspect of the ATM program under its care, including first and second-line maintenance, cash replenishment, deposit pick-up, cash management, ATM supplies, ATM cleaning and branding programs.