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  • Use cases for combining mobile and ATM

    An industry overview of the convergence by Mark Critchett, NCR's marketing director, payments and multichannel solutions. (From a panel at the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.) …
  • Future trends in mobile/ATM innovation

    A long list of R&D developments will be rolling out globally as the ATM and mobile convergence continues. (From a panel discussion at the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.) …
  • How MagTek's technology works

    MagTek CEO Mimi Hart details the inner workings of her company's card authentication technology. Next to her on the panel is CrowdStrike's director of intelligence, Adam Meyers, who leans …
  • How mobile is getting compromised

    "The bad guys know that it's moving toward mobile, and they're already there," said Adam Meyers, director of intelligence for CrowdStrike. "There's no way you can put …
  • A market where ATMs don't work

    Greg Baxter of Citi describes a rural payments system in Mexico that works better without ATMs. (From the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit)
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