US Census Bureau profiles the drive-up teller

Nov. 26 isn't just Thanksgiving, it's also the anniversary of America's first drive-up teller window, a service that's been around for longer than you might think.


Guide looks at next-gen ATM management for omnichannel FIs

The recently published free guide 'ATM Monitoring Technology for Omnichannel Banking Systems' addresses the benefits and challenges of migration to next-gen ATM monitoring systems

Pathways to payment transformation

Three industry experts discuss compelling reasons and real-world strategies for moving legacy systems into the digital, omnichannel future.

Can financial institutions monetize cash transactions?

What if banks could introduce a payments innovation that would raise consumers' estimation of them and add to the bottom line in the process? Maybe they can.

Webinar: Initiatives, strategies and new approaches for payment transformation

As payment services organizations continue to drive some of the biggest changes in global payments, how can companies determine which strategies will work best in the future?

Are millennials from Mars?

Plenty of things about millennials might seem alien to Gen X-ers and boomers, but when it comes to banking, they're all pretty much the same.

Uneasy alliance: Banks and fintech startups

Startups should seek to leverage the consumer trust which banks have worked for decades to earn; banks should look to startups for consumer-focused innovations.

MasterCard to drive payments for the Internet of Things

At Money 20/20, the card network announced a new program that will enable companies to add card credentials to devices such as automobile key fobs, smart rings and even clothing.

Missing the question: Do we want to go cashless?

The persistence of cash globally should not be underestimated.

Leveraging innovative technology to transform the branch

An panel at BAI Retail Delivery discusses the challenges of getting people, products and processes to work as one and provide the ideal customer experience.

ICX Symposium: The future of customer experience

The Oct. 27-28 symposium, "Inflection Point: The Future Tech of Customer Experience," will help prepare delegates for the fast-approaching, fully tech-driven future of customer engagement.

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Checking up on 'The Disappearing Check'

Digital Check has published 'Assessing the Decline' and 'Predicting the Endgame,' new installments in a series that examines trends in the use of paper checks.

Tech-driven FIs more trustworthy, survey finds

Approximately 70 percent of all adults — and 85 percent of millennial adults — equate digital proficiency with trustworthiness, a US Bank report says.

'The state of digital banking in 2015'

A Mercator report documents how digital banking has grown into a robust, full-featured suite of solutions across various deployment options.

Shoppers irked by EMV transaction times

A recent study shows that consumers are four times more likely to fret about speed than about security.

Three-fourths of firms experience internal data security incidents

For 21 percent of companies affected by internal threats, the loss of valuable data affected their business.

ATM card activation a snap with new mobile app feature

Aussie FI Westpac has added a feature that lets customers activate a new debit or credit card using the camera in their smartphone.

Notes to self: UK ATMs log record number of cash withdrawals

The UK's ATM network toted up more than 183 million cash withdrawals in October — translating to a rate of 4,000 dispensing transactions per minute for the month.

Cash rules P2P payments — but for how long?

A new study by Aite Group says that electronic P2P is poised to realize its promise in the US.

Study: Hispanics omnichannel users of banking services

FIs trying to attract Hispanic customers should emphasize the breadth of their banking options, a new study says.

Bluepoint, Gro software simplifies mobile account creation

The companies say their OpenAnyware solution takes the friction out of mobile bank account opening, reducing abandon rates — and costs.

ATM industry group calls out media, pols for 'misleading' statements about fees

The ATM Industry Association says that political interests have branded the fees "exploitative" and "usurious," while making little or no effort to determine the facts.

Survey: US adults count safety of financial data as top concern

The greater their household income and education level, the more concerned consumers are likely to be about privacy, says a report by Computer Services Inc.

Card-accepting merchant outlets to double by 2020

An RBR report sizes up the current state and future outlook for card acceptance worldwide — and questions whether Visa and MasterCard can keep pace with China's UnionPay.

New study affirms importance of the branch

Consumers see the branch as the place where their money lives; the Web and mobile are just vehicles for its movement, a new report says.

Symposium explores 'The Future Tech of Customer Experience'

The two-day event aims to help B2C brands prepare for the next generation of computing technology, the ICX Association says.

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