TMG reports strong issuer enrollment in Apple Pay

The payment processor expects that 50 percent of its issuer clients will be signed up for the NFC payment solution by the end of the year.


What millennials really want from the ATM

Besides cash, of course. Diebold has scrutinized this tech-savvy, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately cohort in extensive studies, so we asked them to tell us what Gen Y expects from next-gen ATMs.

Power couple: ATM and mobile

Mobile devices are becoming ATM-access tools, able to offer many of the display and keyboard functions currently available on the self-service device.

April's top ATM reads

A piece on corporate earnings; a couple of pieces on security; a couple pieces on ATM innovation — all of these cropped up in the ATM Marketplace top five for the month.

4 ways to unlock the value of cash

CIT carriers are enjoying lower capital costs; cash processors are reaping the rewards of technology. How can ATM deployers claim some of the benefits?

What goes boom on the street: The gassing of ATMs!

I am extremely fearful that the greatly dumbed-down 'blow up the ATM' model will appeal to many a would-be bad guy once the old 'steal the ATM card' method no longer works.

Vendors' Q1 numbers signal an ATM industry in flux

As profits fall, rumors fly.

Consumers looking to be their own fraud protection advocates

Nearly two-thirds of American consumers say they would use a service that sends them an email or text when suspicious activity occurs on their payment card.

Time to talk about 'Things' …

The Internet of Things will bring a deluge of Big Data; will it be 'TMI' for payments processors looking to use defined behaviors as a means of validating identity?

ATMs: Cash is simply not enough

All those customers doing very little at ATMs besides getting cash are a wasted opportunity — and it's long past time to do something about it.

Disrupting banking's disruptors with mobile card services

FIs are learning that taking a value-added approach to the mobile channel can help dial up customer engagement and stickiness.

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ATM data theft rocketing in 2015

According to FICO, data theft rose by 174 percent at bank ATMs and by 317 percent at nonbank terminals between Jan. 1 and April 9.

Report: Omnichannel banking lessons learned

A new report from Mercator considers how implementation of the omnichannel model can be inhibited — or enabled — by data management and synchronization.

Study: Tab for cybercrime to reach $2 trillion by 2019

Researchers at Juniper estimate that the cost to businesses of data breaches will increase fourfold over the next four years.

Nautilus Hyosung America claims top spot in US ATM market share

Recent growth — particularly in the financial services space — has boosted its total US market share to 29 percent, the company says.

Report explores the new prepaid environment

Companies must find partners and build efficient value chains if they are to survive market challenges, a new report says.

Position paper champions the right to choose cash

'It boils down to giving consumers the economic freedom of choice expected in all self-respecting free economies,' ATMIA CEO says.

Government proposal would let Danish retailers reject cash payment

The measure would save retailers considerable expense related to cash-handling and security, the government claims.

Banks continue their branch-trimming trend

Over a 12-month period, cities across the US saw a net total of 1,441 branches shuttered, according to an SNL Financial report.

Chip card migration to be nearly complete by 2017, taskforce says

A new survey by the Payments Security Taskforce indicates accelerating momentum in the shift toward EMV technology.

Infosys launches teenage-friendly mobile banking product

The company calls it a first-of-its-kind mobile-based banking product for young people.

Somalia to get more ATMs, debit cards

Premier Bank plans to install five ATMs in the capital city of Mogadishu; they should be welcome, since the nation's only other ATM is reportedly not working.

Survey: Technology-related change a high priority at C-level

Seventy-seven percent of survey respondents agreed that 'The digital world is creating new types and levels of risk for our business.'

Study looks at Apple Pay prospects six months on

A research note from Mercator contends that future prospects for Apple's payment tool are brighter than current use data might suggest.

Study: improved security is key to success for mobile banking

The 'Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments Survey' looks at how FIs are offering mobile banking services, how customers are using them, and the results so far.

RBR report: Glory owns largest share of teller assist market

In the research firm's biannual report on current TAU deployments around the world, Glory gets the ... er, glory.

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