Canadian consumers keen on credit cards

In the space of just one year, Canadians' preference for credit cards as a payment method spiked from 34 percent to 46 percent, a recent TSYS poll reveals.


Legal tender? Time to reexamine the cost of cash

Cash has a cost for sure, but the real question is what price is a world without cash? The cost of ditching it could be a lot higher than many people realize.

As cash becomes quaint, are ATMs on a path to obsolescence?

Now that we have so many other alternatives to fulfill our banking needs — we can deposit a check with a snap from our smartphones — do we really need ATMs?

The Bitcoin ATM: An objective view

The new 'Bitcoin ATMs 101' guide from ATM Marketplace cuts to the chase on the risks and rewards of mixing traditional and virtual currencies at the ATM.

How ATM software will empower the evolving branch

A June 30 webinar will introduce highlights from the annual 'ATM Software Trends and Analysis' guide, now in its 8th edition.

After the chip card: A chargeback tsunami?

What can we learn from Canada's experience weathering the fraud fallout that followed EMV migration?

'In the middle of the action': The ATM in an omnichannel world

The ATM should be central to the omnichannel experience. Here's why.

May's top ATM reads

Fiscal fitness was top of mind for ATM industry members in May; three of the top five stories covered Q1 results for bellwether companies in the ATM sector.

The Case for Cash: 10 myth-busting truths about money

A review of some of the most compelling reasons why we should defend the future of cash as a consumer payment choice.

Shrinking the elephant: How BECU made ATM big data manageable

How one member-minded credit union used customer analytics to radically reduce the time and cost it was investing its ATM network — so that it could invest in the ATM user experience instead.

The top 6 reasons why FIs should brand ATMs

Customization leads to increased awareness and revenue-generating opportunities at a time when FIs must use every channel to build their brand.

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Government-decreed bank closure results in run on Greek ATMs

After their government ordered the closure of troubled banks and limited ATM cash withdrawals to 60 euros, panicked Greek citizens mobbed the nation's ATMs.

ATM cash-outs drive up cross-border fraud on UK debit cards

Though the US ranks third in total cross-border transactions on UK cards, it ranks first in fraudulent cross-border transactions on those cards, FICO says.

Half of Internet users feel safer banking at branch than online

If they're among the 20 percent of users who do nothing to protect their financial data online, they're probably right.

ATMIA accepting speaker proposals for 2016 conference

The ATM Industry Association has selected the theme, "Connecting consumers and their money to the ATM," for the Feb. 23–25 event in New Orleans.

Study: Most smart card holders clueless about EMV

A new study by Javelin reveals that EMV card distribution does not necessarily equate to EMV cardholder awareness.

FBI issues ransomware warning, offers tips for prevention

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center says that ransomware continues to spread, posing a threat to individuals and businesses alike.

Global cash demand outstrips economic growth, study shows

Cash in circulation worldwide grew at an average pace of 8.9 percent annually from 2009 through 2013, despite economic growth rates of less than 3 percent for the period.

Report: Prepaid gaining favor as checking account alternative

Surcharge-free ATM access is a component of all four cards named 'Best Alternative Checking Account' in a new study by CardHub.

Co-op Shared Branch rises to No. 3 among largest US branch networks

With 5,341 branch locations to US Bank's 5,244, Co-op Shared Branch has joined Chase and Wells Fargo in the top three, FDIC data shows.

Survey: In mobile payments, enthusiasm outpaces adoption

The financial services industry tends to align its outlook with the potential of a technology rather than consumer expectations, Compass Plus survey shows.

Study: Consumers leaving no banking channel behind

Despite technological advances, 84 percent of respondents say that five years from now they'll still want access to the same channels they use today.

Study: EMV a $35B 'money pit' for merchants

A new report from research firm IHL says that an "EMV tax" imposes an unrealistic burden on retailers — and creates a mess for consumers.

Report: Mobile tops ATM as banking screen of first choice

A new study from Javelin finds that nearly 25 percent of mobile users now name it as the go-to mode of access for their primary bank checking account.

TMG reports strong issuer enrollment in Apple Pay

The payment processor expects that 50 percent of its issuer clients will be signed up for the NFC payment solution by the end of the year.

ATM data theft rocketing in 2015

According to FICO, data theft rose by 174 percent at bank ATMs and by 317 percent at nonbank terminals between Jan. 1 and April 9.

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