US Treasury turns out 566.6M banknotes in July

Though 90 percent of new bills replaced unfit notes, the remainder represent the continuing upward trend in terms of total cash in circulation.


Facilitated Rural Branches: An ATM-centric idea rural India can bank on

In rural villages where the nearest ATM might be a 15-minute bus ride away and branch setup is not viable, FRBs can be a cost-effective alternative.

UK business rates: An unfair tax on ATMs and cash

ATMs are the latest victim in the rush to levy more taxes in the UK; the result could be machines removed and communities deprived of convenient access to cash.

7 mobile wallets that are shaking things up in payments

There are umpteen mobile wallets in the marketplace angling for customer loyalty (and marketing data). Here are seven contenders to keep an eye on.

Biometrics: The key to secure, convenient ATM transactions

There are no longer valid technical reasons why we should continue to expose ourselves to crime through the use of dated security systems and practices.

Banks struggle to capitalize on mobile customers

Mobile banking is on the rise, but financial institutions have yet to figure out how to connect with consumers on a smaller screen.

The future of the ATM

There are lessons to be learned from countries and markets that are ahead of the United States in ATM development.

Cardless ATM access at the tipping point

Three-and-a-half years after its introduction, it looks as though mobile cash access at ATMs might finally be 'off and running.'

Scary times ahead, indeed!

What is particularly scary is the sheer number and value of transactions being processed today.

Bridging the 'transformation gap' with video teller [infographic]

Traditional and digital banking customers want different things from a branch; a VTM allows an FI to serve both in a single, cost-effective environment.

ATM software trends report evolves with the market

This year's software trends overview reflects the rise of branch transformation and the critical role of self-service technologies in its success.

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Study: Nontraditional providers will drive financial industry innovation

Not surprisingly, the younger the consumer, the more more likely that a nontraditional provider would be considered a reasonable choice.

Study: Mobile RDC continues to gain ground with US consumers

More than half of all American adults used mobile deposit at least once last year, according to an American Bankers Association survey.

Central bank forecasts drop in Aussie ATM numbers

As Aussies change their spending ways, their ATM visits have declined — and so will the number of cash points across the nation, the Reserve Bank of Australia says.

Rural Wales villagers looking at a long trek to the ATM

Villagers in Conwy reportedly will have to make a 30-mile round trip to reach the nearest cash machine after their local HSBC branch closes.

FIS establishes 'financial inclusion lab' in India

The lab's mission is to create and test solutions that will increase financial literacy for India's unbanked millions.

1,000 bitcoin ATMs going to Greece

With strict capital controls in place and trust in the banking system 'long gone,' Greeks are turning to bitcoin as an alternative to fiat currency.

First Tech, MasterCard pilot puts selfies to the test

'Selfie Pay' will test the use of facial recognition and fingerprint ID for online credit and debit card purchases transacted via smartphone.

Boston-area FI joins ATM cardless cash movement

Avidia Bank, a community FI serving suburban Boston, has partnered with FIS to offer QR code-based cardless cash access at its ATMs.

Will mobile payments kill cash?

A new research paper asks — and answers — the question.

Kaspersky Q2 IT report highlights mobile security threat

The report finds a nearly threefold increase in mobile malware in the quarter, in addition to cyberespionage attacks targeting SMBs.

Nedbank adds 250 teller cash recyclers in branch transformation effort

The NCR machine automates the acceptance, authentication and validation of bank notes and makes them instantly available for dispensing to customers.

Poll: Few US cardholders have received chip cards

On the plus side, 70 percent of Americans who have received chip cards say they know how to use them.

Nearly half of smart cards shipped bound for US, China

Of 2.1 billion cards shipped, 903 million will end up in the wallets of Chinese and American cardholders, an ABI study finds.

Study: US generates 21 pct. of card volume, 48 pct. of card fraud

The Nilson report attributes lopsided US statistics to the fact that the nation has not yet moved to EMV, and predicts that loss totals will only go higher.

Bitcoin users are either tech enthusiasts or criminals, study says

A study published by the University of Kentucky examining Google Trends claims bitcoin interest is driven primarily by computer programmers and criminals.

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