Canadian consumers keen on credit cards

In the space of just one year, Canadians' preference for credit cards as a payment method spiked from 34 percent to 46 percent, a recent TSYS poll reveals.


Legal tender? Time to reexamine the cost of cash

Cash has a cost for sure, but the real question is what price is a world without cash? The cost of ditching it could be a lot higher than many people realize.

Hell's Bells — no more transaction fees!

Payments software giant ACI Worldwide has acknowledged that, in the future, users of licensed payments solutions won't look favorably upon vendors charging transaction fees.

The Bitcoin ATM: An objective view

The new 'Bitcoin ATMs 101' guide from ATM Marketplace cuts to the chase on the risks and rewards of mixing traditional and virtual currencies at the ATM.

Under the Milky Way tonight ...

How brightly do our systems shine today? How proudly do we stand beneath the overarching technology we rely on to compete in today's business world?

Torching mom and pop

With the major card schemes looking to offload up to $6B in annual card fraud beginning this year, the EMV risks to 'mom-and-pops' will grow exponentially.

The FI’s opportunity in a mobile payments world

As mobile banking and payments converge, financial institutions have the benefit of one critical advantage over non-FI competitors: customer trust.

5 ways to boost your ATM revenue

True, interchange rates are beyond an the control of IADs. But those who focus on factors that are within their control have the opportunity to grow their transaction counts — and their business.

Does virtual currency's past dictate its future?

An excerpt from opening remarks by Networld Media Group Publisher Tom Harper at the first annual Virtual Currency Today Summit in Boston.

Is your bank missing the payoffs of surcharge-free ATMs?

Fees are the No. 1 reason why consumers change FIs, and ATM fees are especially despised. Here are two ways to cut ATM fees and encourage consumer stickiness.

Consumers looking to be their own fraud protection advocates

Nearly two-thirds of American consumers say they would use a service that sends them an email or text when suspicious activity occurs on their payment card.

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ANZ, CR2 partner to intro UnionPay acceptance at ATM, POS

Phase one of the project went live last month, making ANZ the first bank in the Southern Hemisphere to accept contactless and EMV-enabled UnionPay cards.

UK FI turns to Authentic solution for improved payment operations

The Alaric platform supports triple-DES connectivity, an upgrade to the Link Information Security Standard, and improved device functionality, parent company NCR says.

Aussie Senate to investigate 'infuriating' ATM fees

Members of Australia's Labor and Greens parties called for banks to justify the 'pure profit' they make by charging off-us fees.

ATM cash-outs drive up cross-border fraud on UK debit cards

Though the US ranks third in total cross-border transactions on UK cards, it ranks first in fraudulent cross-border transactions on those cards, FICO says.

Walmart, Green Dot good to go for 5 more years

Green Dot Corp. and Green Dot Bank will continue to serve as issuer and program manager for Walmart MoneyCard reloadable debit card products.

UL attains GlobalPlatform qualification for compliance test suite

GlobalPlatform is the cross-industry association that develops specs for secure, interoperable deployment of multiple embedded applications on a secure chip.

Multiparty deal to allow Romanians to receive international remittances at ATMs

Maestro and MasterCard cardholders in Romania will be able to withdraw funds sent via Western Union at more than 900 Banca Transilvania ATMs.

World's 10th biggest bank experimenting with blockchain

Santander, the 10th largest bank in the world, is currently experimenting with blockchain to see how it might be used to improve banking.

'Bank-in-a-box' hosted solution streamlines launch plans for Indian FI

Chennai-based FSS says it will provide payments technology, hosted services and banking industry know-how to help facilitate the launch of IDFC Bank.

Printec, Inetco team to deliver real-time data analytics to European FIs

In the 15 countries where it currently operates, Printec will serve as a licensed reseller of Inetco Analytics for retail banking channels.

Fime wins Discover accreditation for EMV testing in EMEA

The demand for D-PAS products is growing globally, Discover says.

Report: Prepaid gaining favor as checking account alternative

Surcharge-free ATM access is a component of all four cards named 'Best Alternative Checking Account' in a new study by CardHub.

Banks officially launch clearXchange real-time payments

Bank of America, Captial One, JPMorgan, US Bank and Wells Fargo own the network and will bring bank-to-bank payments to more than 100 million account holders.

Forum answers FAQs about US common debit AIDs at ATMs

'Implementing EMV at the ATM: Requirements and Recommendations for the U.S. ATM Community' answers questions about US common debit AIDs.

Fed to explain reasoning behind Durbin interchange fee calculation

US District Court Judge Richard Leon expressed pessimism that 'everyone could be happy' with the promised guidance.

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