Diebold, Luxembourg FI collaborate on mobile-ATM integration

The new service allows cardless cash withdrawals at any Banque Internationale à Luxembourg ATM, and also enables P2P transfer of funds.


New payments players must fight their way through space junk

The payments ecosystem is much like space: It's difficult to get to; it's uninhabitable unless you're properly equipped; and it exists in a vacuum.

EMV, encryption and tokenization: the payment fraud 'holy trinity'

Taken together, these three key pieces of security technology can ensure that the good guys continue to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters.

Being prepared: A little extra cash helps!

Being prepared but having the wrong tools doesn't really count for much when trouble truly develops ...

Fed's controversial 'Choke Point' collars ATM processors

The government's Operation Choke Point initiative has put a stranglehold on many law-abiding businesses — including payment processors and pornographers.

EMV chip-and-signature: The mirage of protection

Without a holistic approach to user and transaction verification we're only presenting an appearance of protection — one that will vanish when tested by sophisticated cybercrooks.

Virtual currency dominates day one of Money 20/20 conference

Ben Lawsky, New York's superintendent of financial services, addressed the status of the state's controversial BitLicense regulatory framework.

Two merchants pull the plug on NFC (and Apple Pay) as MCX looms

CVS and Rite Aid turned off NFC support last week, raising the ire of Apple supporters who vowed to take their business to Walgreens.

Using cash for small purchases shows a consumer's age

A recent study found that consumers under age 30 are much more likely to use plastic even to pay for purchases under $5.

Apple Pay: A short-term plan for 500 banks?

Costs associated with the Apple partnership might accelerate financial institutions' plans to release their own mobile wallets — perhaps even with some help from merchants.

Obama executive order calls for 'BuySecure' initiative

An executive order from the president directs the government to lead the way in securing financial transactions and sensitive data — and in pushing toward nationwide adoption of EMV.

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Payment processor review firm names 10 best EMV compliance services

NBS Technologies claimed the No. 1 spot on the list for December.

EMF video demystifies the cryptogram

A short video presentation produced by the EMV Migration Forum explains in simple, unblushing terms how a cryptogram is made — and why it's important.

Report: Technologies and trends shaping walk-in bill payment

The report provides a perspective on walk-in bill payment market transactions, dollar volume, and revenue, and highlights changing trends.

G&D signs on to Datacard smart card validation program

The program validates and tests G&D chips with Datacard personalization solutions to ensure accurate encoding.

UL adds tokenization functionality to Collis Host Test Tool

To support implementation of cloud-based mobile payment solutions, UL has launched a host test tool for tokenization technology.

Bebe Stores Inc. confirms payment card data breach

An undisclosed number of records was stolen from customers who used their bankcards at the retail chain's POS terminals between Nov. 8 and Nov. 26.

Experian study forecasts rise in pre-EMV data breaches

It is more important than ever for companies to prepare for a data breach and stay ahead of the game, the company says.

Merchant Financial Cyber Partnership outlines steps for securing the payments system

One of the major steps is an effort to urge Congress to pass cyberthreat information-sharing legislation, the organization says.

Discover takes Visa to court over debit card practices

The company has filed a suit claiming that Visa engages in anticompetitive behavior by requiring issuers to use its services for both PIN and signature debit.

Resumption of ATM fees drives Nigerians to other channels

ATM transaction has volume declined by approximately 9.6 percent since the reinstatement of charges, according to figures from the nation's central bank.

The paper check: One step closer to extinction?

VerifyValid Mobile Checkbook lets businesses and consumers write, approve, sign, receive and deposit checks directly from their Android-based mobile device.

Scotiabank Mexico adds DCC to 1,500-ATM network

International MasterCard cardholders can now instantly view, select and manage the conversion to their home currency of Mexican peso amounts dispensed at Scotiabank Mexico ATMs.

KAL clocks fastest-ever ATM transaction times in German tests

In tests on machines from three major ATM makers, KAL achieved the fastest times ever recorded — beating even the manufacturers' own transaction times.

Co-op designated by Visa as 'engaged issuer-processor' for Apple Pay

The company says that, to date, it is the only CUSO authorized to facilitate the enrollment of credit unions in Apple Pay.

12 months on, bitcoin ATMs are making money

Lamassu says that its Bitcoin ATMs have been paying off their initial investments short order, drawing $1,000–$3,000 in gross profits monthly.

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