RBI mulls interoperability for cash-accepting ATMs

Such a move would allow accountholders to deposit cash at any bank's deposit-taking machine and have it credited to their home bank account.


Consumers looking to be their own fraud protection advocates

Nearly two-thirds of American consumers say they would use a service that sends them an email or text when suspicious activity occurs on their payment card.

Testing the limits: ATM simulation resets the standard

Manual testing can only take an ATM operator so far. A recent webinar demonstrated how much further one can go with an automated solution.

ATMs: Cash is simply not enough

All those customers doing very little at ATMs besides getting cash are a wasted opportunity — and it's long past time to do something about it.

ATM transaction visibility: It's worth a look

A technical infrastructure manager describes how end-to-end transaction monitoring helped his team pinpoint network issues that were costing the company money.

ATMs in APAC and Australia: The value of testing

An April 9 webinar developed for an Australia-APAC audience will examine the effects of ATM testing on the end-user experience.

How an ATM processor mined transaction data to increase profitability

A March 31 webinar will explain how one payment processor used end-to-end transaction visibility to extract greater returns from its network.

How does Apple Pay lead to more fraud?

Crooks have been using a surprisingly low tech tactic to worm their way around Apple Pay's tokenization and biometric safeguards.

Bitcoin and cash: 'Like peanut butter and jelly'

Robocoin's new (and free) software development kit gives ATM operators a 'margin-expanding opportunity,' CEO Jordan Kelley says.

Note-worthy: January's top 5 ATM features

From siloed banking channels to mobile ATMs at the Super Bowl, a countdown of our readers' favorites for the month.

Fed to roll out roadmap for faster payments

The effort comes in response to research findings that consumers want instant payments and would be willing to pay for them.

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Co-op Financial Services to acquire interest in Canada's Everlink

Co-op will purchase shares from FIS to become majority ownership of the payments solutions provider, which serves Canadian CUs, banks and ISOs.

PCI SSC publishes revised data security standard

PCI DSS 3.1 and supporting guidance will help organizations address vulnerabilities within the SSL protocol that put payment data at risk, the council says.

Study: ATM fees on the rise for prepaid debit cards

Fees for withdrawals, balance inquiries and declined ATM transactions are more likely to have increased than decreased in the past year, a bankrate.com study says.

BPC launches Albania's first processing, ATM switching provider

The nation's new PayLink system facilitates switching and processing of transactions for local, regional and cross-border financial institutions.

CFPB ropes payment processors into lawsuit against bogus debt collectors

The suit claims that the payment processors 'knew, or should have known, that the debt collectors were engaged in unlawful conduct.'

Fee-free ATMs on the rise in the UK

A government program that allows tax relief to business owners who offer fee-free ATMs appears to be working.

TNS, ID Tech partnership aims to ease EMV upgrade path

The team-up will allow ID Tech hardware, such as EMV card readers, to be more readily certified into the US marketplace.

Networks define basic requirements for US EMV chip deployment

The EMV Minimum Requirements Matrix provides a baseline for stakeholders to work from as they prepare for the US card fraud liability shift.

CDS adds DCC terminal support for Hantle ATMs

ATMs on the CDS network can be upgraded for direct currency conversion without the need for additional hardware, the company said.

Financial pros have faith in EMV

New research indicates a high level of confidence in EMV technology as a weapon in the fight against credit and debit card fraud.

MasterCard qualifies firms' PVT product for EMV and NFC

The test tool is intended to help issuers, card manufacturers and personalization bureaus speed up certification and launch of contact and contactless EMV card and NFC payments projects.

New study sizes up bill payment methods

Cash constitutes just 8 percent of bill payments, but still leads credit and mobile; checks are now a distant second to online payments.

Accel debit network completes its first tokenized transactions

The ability to accept tokenized transactions will allow Fiserv clients on the Accel network to accept debit payments via Apple Pay.

Global Payments buys payments gateway Realex

The deal will help Global Payments leverage its multinational footprint and accelerate growth in Europe, CEO says.

Alaric, E-Global implement new switching solution in Mexico

Authentic, the open payments platform from Alaric, is assisting Mexico's largest payment network to process seven million daily transactions.

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