The ATM-and-mobile age is here. Where are you?


For deployers who are not quite there yet, a free "ATM and Mobile 101" report offers valuable guidance on the integration of ATM mobile channels.


'Mobile Wallets 101': Your guide to the future of cardless transactions

FIs have an edge in a bid for mobile wallet loyalty due to their trusted provider status. For those that have been late to the party, now is the time to capitalize on this advantage.

Samsung Pay: The mobile wallet winner?

That's what one industry executive declared during the first day of the annual ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.

The 'Great Debate' about cash

At the ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit next week, panelists will argue for and against the death of money; the state of cash in the U.K. today offers talking points for both sides.

The chicken, the egg and the chip card

Card issuers and merchants have engaged in a two-year standoff over who should be first with EMV. But a month from now, it'll be a moot point.

Befuddled and confused about EMV

Those needing to update their infrastructure to support EMV might be befuddled and confused by chip and signature, but wrongdoers have it all figured out.

7 mobile wallets that are shaking things up in payments

There are umpteen mobile wallets in the marketplace angling for customer loyalty (and marketing data). Here are seven contenders to keep an eye on.

Preview: 2015 ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit

Technology offers new ways for consumers to hold, control and spend their money. This summit promises to help execs get their arms around the former and meet the expectations of the latter.

Scary times ahead, indeed!

What is particularly scary is the sheer number and value of transactions being processed today.

Breaking the ice: The US meets cash recycling ATMs (finally)

With the launch of what they believe to be the nation's first cash recycler in New York City, Elan and Hyosung say the US market is warming up at last to the cost-saving device.

Blink and you'll get it!

Picture this: MasterCard is piloting a security scheme that will approve bankcard purchases with a selfie — and a blink.

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US ATM fees reach record high

A just-released study from says that ATM fees have increased by 21 percent within the past five years.

US EMV effort raises hackles of fraud watchdog

Consumer advocate ProtectMyData argues that the chip-and-signature implementation favored by US financial institutions lacks teeth.

More than a few retailers playing catch-up in EMV card compliance

While the big retailers are compliant with the EMV credit card chip mandate hitting today, many retailers are playing catch-up, a new study reveals.

CSI tokenization to support payments via Android Pay

Android tokenization capability means that CSI customers can now fully participate with the major mobile wallet schemes, the company says.

98 percent of US cards forecast to be EMV-enabled by end of 2017

By the end of 2015, 60 percent of cards will have chips, compared with 30 percent in June, the Payments Security Task Force says.

ATMIA Africa publishes retail payment trends study

The document serves as a starting point for understanding South Africa's rapidly growing retail payments market, the ATM industry trade group says.

Security pros predict rise in mobile payment-related breaches

But it's not as if the expectation keeps cybersecurity experts themselves from making mobile payments, a new study finds.

Aruba Bank, Euronet team up on EMV implementation

The new solution gives Aruba Bank full EMV acceptance functionality at its ATMs, and enables instant issuance for chip cards, Euronet says.

Bankladeshi bank to adopt TSYS Prime 4 for card management

With the upgrade, Premier Bank will launch a PA-DSS compliant dual-currency card with Bangladeshi taka and U.S. dollar billing accounts.

Report: Aussie smartphone users forecast a cashless future

A new study by Australian bank Westpac reveals that consumers Down Under believe cash could be history by 2022.

Federal Reserve Board announces enhancements to ACH service

The changes are intended to align the Fed's same-day ACH service with recent amendments to NACHA ACH operating rules.

New mobile billpay service targets cash-preferred customers

PayNearMe says its new app makes it possible for everyone — including the unbanked — to enjoy the convenience of digital transactions.

Partners complete successful pilot of CardFree Cash at ATMs

The Fiserv solution was piloted by VyStar Credit Union on selected ATMs operated by the FI's acquiring partner PAI.

TSYS, Acquirer Systems offer 'streamlined approach' to EMV testing

The companies say that their new solution, Astrex, reduces both time and cost for EMV certification.

Cardknox solution promises 'EMV in 24 Hours'

The company says it offers a simple solution to a complex problem, with a sandbox testing account, SDK and API, documentation, and a test terminal.

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