Contactless card use rising fast in the UK

Britons spent 2.5 billion pounds ($3.8 billion) using contactless cards in first half of 2015, exceeding the contactless total for all of 2014.


The 'Great Debate' about cash

At the ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit next week, panelists will argue for and against the death of money; the state of cash in the U.K. today offers talking points for both sides.

The chicken, the egg and the chip card

Card issuers and merchants have engaged in a two-year standoff over who should be first with EMV. But a month from now, it'll be a moot point.

Befuddled and confused about EMV

Those needing to update their infrastructure to support EMV might be befuddled and confused by chip and signature, but wrongdoers have it all figured out.

7 mobile wallets that are shaking things up in payments

There are umpteen mobile wallets in the marketplace angling for customer loyalty (and marketing data). Here are seven contenders to keep an eye on.

Preview: 2015 ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit

Technology offers new ways for consumers to hold, control and spend their money. This summit promises to help execs get their arms around the former and meet the expectations of the latter.

Scary times ahead, indeed!

What is particularly scary is the sheer number and value of transactions being processed today.

Breaking the ice: The US meets cash recycling ATMs (finally)

With the launch of what they believe to be the nation's first cash recycler in New York City, Elan and Hyosung say the US market is warming up at last to the cost-saving device.

Blink and you'll get it!

Picture this: MasterCard is piloting a security scheme that will approve bankcard purchases with a selfie — and a blink.

Priorities, challenges and benefits: The future of cards and payments

Share your point of view — take our industry survey about transformation in the cards and payments space.

Legal tender? Time to reexamine the cost of cash

Cash has a cost for sure, but the real question is what price is a world without cash? The cost of ditching it could be a lot higher than many people realize.

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G&D 'first' with Durbin-compliant EMV dual interface debit card

Convego Join supports both contact and contactless payments, and includes a range of U.S. debit EMV-certified products, G&D says.

Study finds changes in prepaid card use, user demographics

New research from Mercator reveals that young, affluent, smartphone-carrying adults are behind much of the growth in prepaid cards.

Report offers practical guide to EMV debit transaction process

A report by Mercator follows the post-EMV routing of nine debit types from payment selection through authorization response.

TMG completes in-market testing of EMV debit

The company has partnered with pilot clients across the US to issue and successfully test EMV debit cards in real-world merchant environments.

Eval 4dev sends EMV Level 2 kernel testing to the cloud

Fime says its new solution allows development teams to check their work step by step, reducing the risk of failure in certification testing.

Brunei bank taps Euronet for ATM-switch changeover

The ITM Payment Hub solution allows Brunei-based Perbadanan TAIB to manage a host of transaction functions from a single platform.

First Tech, MasterCard pilot puts selfies to the test

'Selfie Pay' will test the use of facial recognition and fingerprint ID for online credit and debit card purchases transacted via smartphone.

Boston-area FI joins ATM cardless cash movement

Avidia Bank, a community FI serving suburban Boston, has partnered with FIS to offer QR code-based cardless cash access at its ATMs.

Partnership ups the effectiveness of check fraud detection

IMM and Advanced Fraud Solutions say they are now able to provide almost real-time notification of potentially fraudulent check transactions.

Capital Prepaid Visa card adds mobile RDC

Using a smartphone, cardholders can take a picture of a check and, if it's approved, load the funds to their card within minutes.

Euronet aids Indonesian FI with chip card issuer-acquirer cert

Euronet and its local partner, PT Sigma Cipta Caraka, worked with Bank Antardaerah to implement support for chip card ATM and debit transactions.

EMV solution offers workaround for complex certifications

Payment solutions provider OpenEdge says its systems are tested, certified and ready to process EMV transactions.

DNA approves Fime chip card personalization validation service

The new DNA program confirms that EMV chip cards using the DNA Shared Debit AID and corresponding acceptance terminals comply with DNA requirements.

Australian banks reportedly at odds with Apple over interchange

At the center of the debate is the $2 billion in interchange fees the banks make per year.

Moldova Bank enables ATM-based money transfer with Cash By Code

For security purposes, the transaction provides a two-part code and a 24-hour time window for cash withdrawal by the recipient.

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