ATM Fraud and Security 101

This report explains key ATM fraud and security risks such as skimming, physical attack, malware and cyberattack. It also provides guidance on ATM security best practices and industry requirements, such as EMV and PCI DSS.


Money mules a stubborn problem for ATM operators

Money mules are the "last mile" to launder funds gained from illegal activity — and ATMs are often their first stop.

After the chip card: A chargeback tsunami?

What can we learn from Canada's experience weathering the fraud fallout that followed EMV migration?

Serving the user, securing the ATM: A delicate balance

Is it really possible to harden an ATM against skimming attacks while ensuring a first-rate user experience? TMD Security answers 'yes.'

ATM card skimming in 2015: Crime waves, countermeasures and case studies

A free March 12 webinar will investigate trending ATM skimming methods, new anti-skimming safeguards, and strategies major FIs have used to foil thieves.

Jackpotting makes its way to Western Europe's ATMs

Though malware attacks constitute a minority of ATM crimes in Europe, the stealth, speed, criminal finesse — and cash — involved make them particularly worrisome to deployers.

Can the ATM industry stop Tyupkin in its tracks?

ATM Marketplace checked in with security experts around the industry to learn how operators can protect themselves from the latest 'jackpotting' scheme, Tyupkin malware.

Call centers a popular target for fraudsters

One expert says that if contact phone channels were monitored, this could predict criminal behavior two weeks prior to actual attacks.

Targeted cyberattacks: Lessons learned from a former FBI guy

"You don’t have a malware problem; you have an enemy problem," says Crowdstrike president and former FBI executive assistant director Shawn Henry. He explains further in a video interview.

Not all hackers wear black hats

The news is full of stories about hackers stealing data from retailers, businesses and the government. But they shouldn't all be tarred with the same brush.

6 ATM anti-fraud steps for small FIs

As big banks lock down their systems, small FIs could increasingly fall victim to ATM fraud. Here are effective actions you can take to make sure yours doesn't.

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Low-tech attacks drive increase in European ATM crime

Card-skimming attacks fell by 18 percent during the first half of the year compared to 2014; card-trapping incidents rose by the same percentage.

AppGuard said to protect against new multivendor ATM malware

The companies say that their AppGuard solution has proven in live testing that it can prevent intrusion by the recently identified Backdoor.ATM.Suceful malware.

The hazards of outing ATM malware

A Russian developer of ATM antivirus software publicizes its discovery of an ATM Trojan horse ... and pays the price.

False claims of undispensed cash costing ATM owners millions

US ATM operators are forking over $20–$25M annually in fraudulent claims — and the perpetrators are getting away scot-free, the ATMIA says.

Security alert warns of next-gen stereo skimmer

The device is based on existing stereo skimming techniques, but uses sophisticated new technology, according to TMD Security.

Third fraudster pleads guilty in cross-country ATM caper

Three co-conspirators skimmed data in Europe and then took a US road trip, stopping at ATMs every few miles to withdraw cash using counterfeit cards.

Study: US generates 21 pct. of card volume, 48 pct. of card fraud

The Nilson report attributes lopsided US statistics to the fact that the nation has not yet moved to EMV, and predicts that loss totals will only go higher.

Report: Cross-border, CNP fraud now dominate in Europe

A low overall rise of 6 percent across 19 European nations masks large shifts in cross-border fraud, FICO says.

CU analytics tool adds fraud detection features

A new module available for Co-op Revolution helps credit unions pinpoint compromised cards and merchants more quickly and mitigate the effects of fraud.

TMD sets up shop in Latin America

The anti-skimming specialist says its new office in Mexico City will allow the company to work more closely with ATM providers in the region.

Why is cash still king? Crime, Europol suggests

Cash is slowly falling out of favor with consumers, but is still a preferred method for laundering ill-gained profits, the European law enforcement organization says.

ATM cash-outs drive up cross-border fraud on UK debit cards

Though the US ranks third in total cross-border transactions on UK cards, it ranks first in fraudulent cross-border transactions on those cards, FICO says.

A new twist on ATM eavesdropping attacks in UAE

The new technique, which is specific to NCR Personas ATMs, leaves no visible trace of tampering on the exterior of the ATM.

New guide standardizes terms for ATM skimming device placement

The use of uniform terminology will assist in the reporting and analysis of card data compromise devices, EAST says.

Authorities take down lucrative European cyberfraud operation

Using man-in-the-middle email attacks, the alleged cyberthieves were able to steal $6.8 million in a very short period of time, authorities say.

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