Australian IADs seek to lift lid on ATM withdrawals at gaming clubs

A group representing the ATM industry says that 65 percent of the money withdrawn from club ATMs isn't even used for gambling.


UK business rates: An unfair tax on ATMs and cash

ATMs are the latest victim in the rush to levy more taxes in the UK; the result could be machines removed and communities deprived of convenient access to cash.

Preview: 2015 ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit

Technology offers new ways for consumers to hold, control and spend their money. This summit promises to help execs get their arms around the former and meet the expectations of the latter.

Money mules a stubborn problem for ATM operators

Money mules are the "last mile" to launder funds gained from illegal activity — and ATMs are often their first stop.

ATMs, electronic benefits ... and the long arm of the law

State legislatures are imposing increasingly restrictive rules on welfare recipients — and are expecting ATM operators to police them.

Lawmakers take an interest in electronic payments

Both branches of Congress have formed bipartisan caucuses focused on payment technologies and data security in the US.

USPO review invalidates 'abstract' check imaging patent

Whether this is great news or just 'sort of good news' to companies paying royalties to DataTreasury might depend on their licensing or settlement terms.

'Am I my cardholder's keeper?'

Should ATM providers answer for the poor judgment of end users? A federal case in Oregon could hold the answer.

Do EMV upgrades trigger ADA review?

IADs whose ATMs were not up to ADA standards as of March 15, 2012, might want to review their portfolio before simply buying EMV upgrade kits for existing machines.

ATM fee placard lawsuits and the 'substantive' right to save time

The Reg E rollback scrapped a federal requirement for redundant fee notices at ATMs, but the letter of the law still trumps logic in pre-repeal lawsuits.

The bitcoin-ISIS connection

An analyst says he has found proof that the terrorist organization is using virtual currency to fund its operations.

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Nigeria slashes daily limit for foreign ATM withdrawals

Domestic ATM and debit cards are now limited to $300 per day for foreign ATM cash withdrawals, POS transactions and e-commerce purchases.

UK ATM operators face prospect of new taxes

Under a new interpretation of an existing law, the government would impose a separate business tax on all third party-operated ATMs within retail shops.

Kansas blinks on $25 ATM withdrawal limit

Under pointed questioning from the US Health and Human Services department, Kansas removes ATM withdrawal limits on electronic benefits cards.

SEC closes probe into alleged bribery by NCR execs

The US government will take no enforcement action related to 2012 whistleblower allegations of wrongdoing in the company's Middle East and China offices.

IADs to get their day in court in MasterCard, Visa fee-fixing case

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has overturned a lower court ruling that dismissed class action suits alleging anti-competitive practices by the networks.

Florida lottery exploring ticket sales at ATMs

The lottery is also looking at the possibility of propping up lagging sales by adding Internet and gas pump purchases.

Kansas keeps $25 ATM cash limit for welfare benefits cards

However, the state has postponed implementation until the US Department of Health and Human Services decides whether it violates federal law.

New RBR report appraises a booming Chinese ATM market

A new RBR report profiles the Chinese ATM market, including growth opportunities — and government regulations that disadvantage foreign providers.

India considers looser regs on white label ATM investment

The motive behind the move is faster integration of India's unbanked millions into the nation's financial system, a report says.

Florida men charged with bitcoin money-laundering

The suspects were arrested for their alleged connection with a scheme that sanitized approximately $1.8 million in illegal proceeds over two years.

After 6 months, India's ATM withdrawal limits show mixed results

The central bank seems to have been correct in saying that the new regs would not adversely affect banks ... but the story could be different for consumers.

New video provides easy-to-follow overview of US common debit AID

The video explains how US common debit AIDs facilitate debit transactions and ensure compliance with the Durbin Amendment.

Why is cash still king? Crime, Europol suggests

Cash is slowly falling out of favor with consumers, but is still a preferred method for laundering ill-gained profits, the European law enforcement organization says.

Aussie Senate to investigate 'infuriating' ATM fees

Members of Australia's Labor and Greens parties called for banks to justify the 'pure profit' they make by charging off-us fees.

FIS opens Center for Regulatory Intelligence in DC

​The center will provide insight on regulatory changes in order to help financial services clients stay compliant with new regulations, the company says.

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