Korea sets moratorium for mag stripe transactions at ATMs

Only chip cards will be accepted at ATMs; POS terminals may still conduct mag stripe transactions, however.


ATM fee placard lawsuits and the 'substantive' right to save time

The Reg E rollback scrapped a federal requirement for redundant fee notices at ATMs, but the letter of the law still trumps logic in pre-repeal lawsuits.

The bitcoin-ISIS connection

An analyst says he has found proof that the terrorist organization is using virtual currency to fund its operations.

What's on the horizon for the bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin took some bumps in 2014; what might that mean for the bitcoin ATM? Sam Ditzion of Tremont Capital Group offers his point of view.

The ATM industry wins another victory against patent trolls

The court not only found that the patents asserted were invalid, but also left the door open for companies subject to baseless infringement claims to bring counterclaims for damages.

ATMs lose their charm in Chile

The current ATM availability crisis and exchange of public blows highlight the essential nature of ATMs in today's payment ecosystem.

Fed's controversial 'Choke Point' collars ATM processors

The government's Operation Choke Point initiative has put a stranglehold on many law-abiding businesses — including payment processors and pornographers.

Virtual currency dominates day one of Money 20/20 conference

Ben Lawsky, New York's superintendent of financial services, addressed the status of the state's controversial BitLicense regulatory framework.

AMIS highlights: 'This year's conference was also terrific'

A video journal of highlights and attendee comments from the second annual ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.

The ATM industry: Bound for ... where?

Industry experts fielded questions at PayThink 2014 in a session dedicated to sussing out the future of the ATM.

Obama executive order calls for 'BuySecure' initiative

An executive order from the president directs the government to lead the way in securing financial transactions and sensitive data — and in pushing toward nationwide adoption of EMV.

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Fiserv adds solutions to Financial Crime Risk Management Platform

The new components can help financial crime prevention professionals to more effectively detect, investigate and resolve crimes, the company says.

FI coalition advocates for efficient alternative to patent troll litigation

The coalition seeks to challenge 'abstract idea' patents through a patent office appeals process rather than expensive courtroom battles.

White House info sharing plan wins favor with ABA

The group encouraged Congress to craft legislation that protects merchants against frivolous lawsuits when voluntarily sharing information. .

ATM legislative review

A roundup of legislative measures under consideration across the United States with potential implications for ATM deployment and operation.

NACHA faster payments proposal wins ABA support

Bankers opposed a 2011 proposal by NACHA; the payments association has amended its new proposal to address their concerns.

Federal Reserve releases faster payment report

'Strategies for Improving the US Payment System,' lays out the Fed's plan for engaging with industry stakeholders to improve the speed, safety and efficiency of payments.

Bankers praise SCOTUS decision to let interchange ruling stand

An appeals court previously rejected retailers' efforts to reduce the interchange cap set by the Fed pursuant to the Durbin Amendment.

Nebraska lawmaker seeks changes to ATM licensing rules

Among other things, the bill provides that consumers will not be held liable for financial losses arising from ATM tampering or manipulation.

New coalition seeks legislative controls on patent trolls

The National Retail Federation and Oracle have organized United for Patent Reform to pursue legislative reform targeting seven aspects of patent litigation.

New Jersey bill would require 911 call line at ATMs

The proposed law would require all ATM sites to have a dedicated phone line that establishes an immediate voice connection to emergency services.

Maine legislator seeks to ban ATM cash withdrawals on EBT cards

The text of the proposed bill has yet to be drafted and formally submitted to the legislature for consideration.

Virginia lawmakers seek to prevent CUs' use of ATM as service facility

The legislation appears to run counter to a decision by the NCUA that a video teller device may serve as a service facility under certain circumstances.

Obama proposes legislation on data breach notification

With today's introduction of proposed legislation, President Obama will expand on the BuySecure initiative he announced last October.

Not dead yet: NY takes another run at 'panic PIN' legislation

A 2010 FTC report shot down emergency technology at ATMs as a 'non-trivial expense' of dubious worth, but the concept isn't dying easily.

UK pushes tax relief for merchants who offer fee-free ATMs

The UK government is urging local councils across the country to award tax breaks to shopkeepers who offer "free-to-use" ATMs.

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