Patent auction to offer up ATM intellectual property rights package

An upcoming intellectual property auction gives bidders the unusual opportunity to become their own ATM patent assertion entity.


ATMIA email alerts keep recipients current on legislation, regulations

If "ignorance of the law is no excuse," then using a service that keeps you current on the law is a no-brainer.

Governments worldwide continue scrutiny of virtual currencies

New York's proposed BitLicense regulatory framework is one of several current initiatives developing around the globe.

Why do consumers hate ATM fees so much?

It might be because they don't have a clue where the money goes ... and nobody's taken the time to educate them.

5 criteria for effective case management

As fraudulent activity rises, so does the need for systems that can identify, isolate and interrupt it.

Whack-a-Troll: Supreme Court beats Congress to the punch on patent reform

Patent troll suits will still pop up, but the ATM industry now has a better chance of beating them.

CFPB turns its attention to mobile financial services

The regulatory agency seeks to understand the impact of emerging technologies on the un- and underbanked.

All things working together: ATM systems testing for Windows 7 migration

Webinar stresses the importance of advanced testing in rolling out an updated OS that works as expected.

Is the US ATM industry making too big a fuss about EMV?

A UK commentator says it's time for the US to get with the program and get on with EMV migration.

Webinar: Mastering change in the ATM industry

Even if you can’t control change at its source, you can control how you incorporate it into your business strategy.

ATMIA Europe's new director: A strong voice for cash

Consistent regulations and ready cash access are priorities for ATMIA Europe's new executive director, Ron Delnevo.

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CFPB complaint portal will spread rumors, falsehoods about financial services, FSR fears

The Financial Services Roundtable has expressed deep concern about a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plan to post unverified, anonymous complaint narratives on a government Web site.

Retailers petition Supreme Court to review debit fee cap ruling

Retailers dispute the appeals court ruling about fee caps, but seem to accept its ruling that one network each for signature and PIN debit is sufficient.

FTC proposed patent troll study gets go-ahead from OMB

The commission has congressional authority to collect nonpublic information from patent assertion entities, which will provide a better picture of their activities.

RBI issues notice of fee structure change for India's ATMs

The Indian Banks' Association petitioned for a reduction in the mandated number of free transactions due, it said, to increasing costs to install and operate ATMs.

CFPB issues advisory on digital currency risk, invites consumer complaints

The CFPB has previously shown an inclination toward rule-making in response to consumer complaints; now it has Bitcoin and other digital currencies in its sights.

Former FBI executive assistant director to deliver keynote at ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit

Shawn Henry, now the president of tech security firm CrowdStrike, will discuss the grim realities of today's hacking environment; his team of security experts will follow up with a live demonstration.

Bitcoin Foundation puts New York on the spot over BitLicense proposal

The foundation proposes an exhaustive cycle of drafts, comment periods, re-drafts, and more comment periods in order to thoroughly vet the proposed regulations.

Interchange fee cuts a hard hit to S African banks' bottom lines

They don't go into effect until Jan. 1, but Nedbank has already done the math and found that the reserve bank's new fee structure will cause significant losses to profitability.

CFPB study raises new concerns about ATM, debit overdrafts

Despite regulatory changes, the agency still frets about overdraft fees, saying they "should not be 'gotchas' when people use their debit cards."

ABA commends House on passage of cybersecurity bills

Legislators demonstrated rare bipartisanship, approving a pair of cybersecurity bills of particular interest to the financial services sector.

Russia retracts demand for massive security deposits from Visa, MasterCard

The government has dropped its requirement that the companies put up an estimated $2.9 billion in security deposits, but some restrictions still apply.

Judge says retailer fee complaints vs. Visa, MasterCard can move forward

A US District Court judge has ruled that retailers who opted out of last year's settlement with Visa and MasterCard over surcharge fees may sue the card companies separately.

Risk management company expands coverage of AML product for cryptocurrencies

IdentityMind Global, a provider of risk management and payments products, announced today in a press release the international expansion of its anti-money laundering solution for Bitcoin and altcoins, including their low-cost Ignite program for Bitcoin startup companies. With its newly...

Aussie central bank mulls mandatory fee notices

The Reserve Bank of Australia wants ATM operators to provide a fee notice at the beginning of a transaction rather than the end so that customers may opt out of high fees.

Compass Plus wraps first phase of ATM switch, processing migration for major Indonesian bank

The project for Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional marks the entry of the payments software and services provider into the Indonesian market.

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