NCR multi-vendor ATM software drives Ningbo network

Shenzhen, China-based Bank of Ningbo has gone live with NCR APTRA Edge, a multi-vendor open ATM software platform from NCR Corp. The bank's fleet of more than 500 ATMs has also migrated to EMV card payment standard, as well as...


ATMIA US 2012: The 100k-hour LED ATM keyboard light

ACG showed its ballast-free LED ATM keyboard light at the ATMIA US 2012 Conference. The LED solution uses significantly less energy than a traditional fluorescent fixture, is noise-free, and may require only a couple of service calls over the life of the ATM. Also shown: ACG's new card-security device.

BAI 2011: Diebold's new card-lock feature

Part of Diebold's mobile banking suite, the card-lock feature allows customers to lock and unlock their ATM cards with a text message. Diebold product manager Balaji Devarasetty explained how it works to editor Kim Williams.

BAI 2011: Wincor Nixdorf's new ATM user-interface

Wincor Nixdorf's new user-interface gives customers the option to explore and print/email numerous functions and data.

BAI 2011: The new tablet-style ATM from Nautilus Hyosung

Rob Evans demonstrates the tablet-style interface of the Monimax ATM from Nautilus Hyosung, which can capitalize on the increasing popularity of mobile payments and banking.

BAI 2011: Nautilus Hyosung CEO talks products, predictions

Charlie Jung, CEO of Nautilus Hyosung America, describes his company's focus at BAI as well as what's ahead in 2012.

Virtual Currency - The Dark Side

Regular readers of Counting On Currency will know that I am committed to the future of hard currency. This does not mean however, that I am not interested in virtual currency. One particular form of virtual currency that has my attention is BitCoin.

Genmega 2500: New ATM backed by years of industry-established components

When a new ATM (or any product for that matter) is launched in the market, purchasing hesitation is generally brought on by fears that the product will have early recall-related issues. Luckily, with Genmega – a new ATM brand that...

Nautilus Hyosung NH-2700CE: enhanced features and good looking curves work in any location

The NH-2700CE is a wonderful machine destined to be the new workhorse in the industry.

The BitCoin Project

BitCoin is a peer-to-peer (computationally speaking) digital currency. It is created by the user, in a controlled and secure fashion. It is given value only by the user and is backed by the asking price (perceived value) of the item for which it is used to purchase.

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NCR debuts smallest SelfServ ATM

NCR Corporation launched its smallest-ever SelfServ ATM yesterday. Working in partnership with Cardtronics, the world's largest IAD, NCR designed the SelfServ 14 to offer a proven cash dispenser with high availability while taking up just 0.27 square meters of floor space.

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