Brazilian banks to improve availability of off-us ATMs

Seven of Brazil's largest banks announced last Friday that they would implement a new agreement to expand their shared ATM network, Banco24Horas, which is administered by Tecnologia Bancaria. According to a report by Reuters, network members will convert some standalone...


Why do consumers hate ATM fees so much?

It might be because they don't have a clue where the money goes ... and nobody's taken the time to educate them.

Dressing up for the occasion ...

There's no question that ATMs are getting dressed up. Whether it's in support of something temporary — a concert or other event — or an installation of a more permanent nature, ATMs can put on a show.

How does Brazil score in financial services?

With more ATMs (118:100K) and plastic than anyone else on the continent, Brazil is a clear winner. But how does it rate internationally?

Video teller machines: The future of community banking?

Some community financial institutions around the U.S. are looking to a new technology to steer customers to lower-cost delivery channels.

A very big roll of the dice ...

As HP moves to change the way we think about computers, it might be that ATMs will not change that much after all, but everything behind their façade will be barely recognizable.

Is real-time banking fast enough?

As more countries bring real-time money movement to their consumers, it raises the question, is real time fast enough?

All things working together: ATM systems testing for Windows 7 migration

Webinar stresses the importance of advanced testing in rolling out an updated OS that works as expected.

Webinar: A sneak peek at the 2014 ATM Software Trends Report

What you need, what you need to know about software trends and directions.

In 2014, Wincor World revolves around the customer

Europe's ATM giant is ready to implement its ambitious global growth strategy customer by customer, answer by answer.

2014: The year of the seamless transaction?

A great, cross-channel customer experience is the gold standard for FIs. So why is it so hard to deliver?

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Shazam adopts MasterCard common debit solution for EMV transactions

The Shazam Network has announced that it will make the MasterCard EMV debit solution available to all of its participants. The agreement provides all members of the Shazam Network with an EMV license for MasterCard products. “The objective of our...

Compass Plus wraps first phase of ATM switch, processing migration for major Indonesian bank

The project for Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional marks the entry of the payments software and services provider into the Indonesian market.

TNSLink to provide wireless services for Malaysian ATM network

Transaction Network Services will provide secure, high-speed transaction transport and ATM communications for the Malaysian Electronic Payment System.

Bank kiosks expand ATM services with face-to-face interaction

Citizens Bank of Edmond in Edmond, Okla., has become the first community branch in the nation to put a face to electronic banking with direct video links at the ATM, according to an announcement from technology provider Ordermatic. The bank...

WVLSC, Co-op enter ATM network partnering agreement

West Virginia League Services Corp. has agreed to promote Co-op Financial Services' 30,000 ATM network exclusively to the league's member credit unions.

Fee-free Aussie ATM network seeks immunity from price-fixing complaints

The six members of Australia's FeeSmart ATM sub-network are hoping that the Australian Competition and Consumer Committee will agree that, in their case, price collusion benefits consumers.

Visa digs in its heels against Russian demands

Will the largest network in Russia tell Putin's Duma what they can do with their new payments system rules, or will Putin back down in the face of losing first-world payment status?

Shazam wins BancServ endorsement for Florida banks

BancServ, a subsidiary of the Florida Bankers Association, has endorsed Shazam as the preferred EFT network for the association's 230 member banks.

East African nations integrate switches for ATM interoperability

Kenswitch, the national shared payments system of Kenya, has integrated its ATM system with the switches of three other East African nations.

Shared Financial Solutions, Co-op Financial Services strike partnership agreement

Co-op Financial Services, a credit union service organization, and Shared Financial Services, the service corporation of the Kansas Credit Union Association, aim to extend fee-free ATM access to Kansas CU members.

Telit, Digi secure wireless router solution focuses on financial services

Telit Wireless Solutions, a provider of machine-to-machine products and Digi International, a provider of end-to-end wireless solutions, have announced the integration of the Telit xE910 module family with the Digi TransPort family of cellular routers in the new WR11. A...

Singapore banks' ATM service interrupted by 'connectivity issues'

A problem vaguely described as a “connectivity issue” intermittently disrupted the ATM and online services of DBS and POSB Banks across Singapore on Monday.

Elan certifies Diebold video teller, in-lobby teller devices

Elan is one of the first processors to approve the Opteva 923 In-Lobby Teller for integration into branch environments; the terminal offers customers a self-service or partially assisted service experience.

Lloyds, RBC to lift ATM restriction for basic accountholders in the UK

Reversing course, RBS and Lloyds have announced that customers who own basic bank accounts will be allowed to carry out transactions at other banks’ ATMs. According to a report by the BBC, basic accounts do not offer checkbooks or overdrafts...

Indian FIs hope to extend 'on-us only' transactions to off-us ATMs

India is exploring the feasibility of allowing ATM users to carry out certain transactions (e.g., deposits, utility payments and digital TV recharge) currently limited to their home bank ATMs at off-us machines. The National Payments Corporation of India, in collaboration...

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