Summit to take a deep dive into the future of ATM and mobile technologies


The second annual ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit in September will feature experts with exceptional depth of knowledge in areas of innovation, security, compliance and regulation.


Bill pay innovation key to keeping consumers happy

As mobile bill payment use continues to surge among American consumers, financial institutions and billers need to innovate in terms of their billing software if they are to remain competitive. Studies indicate that mobile banking is no longer enough for...

Preview: ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit 2014

Tom Harper, president and CEO of Networld Media Group talks about what to expect from this year's ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit and why executives should consider it imperative to attend and hear what high-level presenters and panelists have to...

Why the FTC thinks mobile payments are more secure than magstripe

The Federal Trade Commission weighs in on the mobile vs. magstripe debate. (From a keynote address by Malini Mithal of the FTC at the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit) 

Lessons from the FTC's lawsuit against HTC

"Data security is a big area for the FTC," said Malini Mithal, assistant director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the FTC. "We have brought nearly 50 cases here, including dozens alleging violations of GLB rules." (From Mithal's keynote address at the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit)

The appropriate use of customer payment data

Acquiring and sharing customer data has become "one of the most hotly negotiated" deal points in the mobile payments M&A; community. A payments attorney asks a panel of retail experts how they handle this sensitive issue. (From the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.)

Litigation that may redefine mobile vs. plastic

Private litigation in New York pitting a group of merchants against Visa, MasterCard and a number of large banks could stifle innovation in the mobile space. (From a panel at the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.)

The new card

George Wallner, payments pioneer and founder of Hypercom, describes the promise of the "new card" in an interactive environment. (From the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.)

'They're strangers to the idea of the physical card'

Today's younger generation is being trained to be tomorrow's mobile payment users, says George Wallner, CTO of Loop. "If they can't do something on their phone, they're irritated." (From a keynote at the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.)

Easy card loading is a necessity in mobile wallets

George Wallner (founder of Hypercom) explains the feature every mobile payment provider must build into its digital wallet. (From the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.)

Why banks need to be in the mobile wallet business

A recent Allied Market Research report indicates the global mobile wallet market is on target to reach $5.25 trillion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 127 percent over the next seven years alone. According to the report,...

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Immobilized: Nearly half of US consumers couldn't go a day without their smartphone

More important than a toothbrush? A new US Bank study drives home just how indispensable U.S. consumers consider their mobile devices — including for mobile banking.

Cumberland Building Society extends relationship with Alaric, NCR

The U.K.-based financial institution has deployed the U.K. Payments Council’s Paym mobile payment service using Authentic and Fractals software from Alaric, an NCR company.

Mobile RDC catches on in Canada

Canadians have deposited more than 1 million checks via mobile phone since the Canadian Payments Association approved a rule last year allowing mobile remote deposit capture. The RDC data, compiled by NCR Corp., also indicates that mobile deposits have doubled...

Study finds mobile and tablet banking key to customer retention

Banking via mobile device is fast becoming a preferred way for consumers to conduct their banking activities and manage financial information on the go. New research by Mercator Advisory Group reveals that nearly half of consumers perform banking activities on...

British consumers nearly double their mobile banking transactions

British consumers last year moved away from conducting bank transactions at branches and nearly doubled their use of mobile banking channels, according to a new study from the British Banking Association. Bank customers in Great Britain are now making more...

Australian consumers expect widespread mobile wallets by 2021

Australian consumers expect to ditch their physical wallet in favor of a mobile one by 2021 as the popularity of contactless card and smartphone payments increases, according to new research from CommBank. Some 73 percent of Australians expect mobile wallets...

The iPhone security scare: Is LoopWallet a solution?

For some time, it's been a matter of debate throughout the financial services world whether information stored on a mobile device is truly secure — or can be. A pair of recent developments in the mobile world could add more...

Square turns on money request app

Square Cash, a new money request feature from mobile POS provider Square, allows users to request money from other people or groups by using the Square Cash app or by sending an email. The Square Cash app is available for...

JETCO rolls out mobile NFC in Hong Kong and Macau

Joint Electronic Teller Services Ltd. is rolling out mobile NFC payments in Hong Kong and Macau with its member banks using the Gemalto LinqUs trusted service management platform. JETCO operates an ATM network for 30 member banks in Hong Kong and Macau.

Pay in-pay out network bridges the digital divide

Historically, ATM and POS network operators have been locked into card-based payments acquiring relationships that offer few options for generating additional revenue streams. Additionally, new payment methods have mostly evolved as alternative payment closed-loop systems with little or no interoperability...

Mobile money transforms Kenyan banking market

Sixty percent of Kenyans now use their mobile phone for banking transactions and 64 percent of Kenyans send or receive money locally through their mobile phones, according to a study by the Kenya Bankers Association. Forty-eight percent of bank customers...

T-Mobile offers low cost banking with prepaid Visa card

T-Mobile U.S. is offering a raft of cheap banking services with its new reloadable T-Mobile Visa prepaid card, issued by The Bancorp Bank. The T-Mobile prepaid card comes with the Mobile Money by T-Mobile smartphone app, and has no charges for card activation, monthly maintenance, in-network ATM withdrawals or for replacing lost or stolen cards.

Mobile money services more popular than banks in Kenya

The use of mobile money services in Kenya has grown sharply in the last five years to overtake banks, according to the country's latest Fin Access National Survey, conducted this year. The Kenyan website Standard Digital quotes the survey as...

Co-op digital wallet to provide pay-anyone payments and global mobile access

Co-op Financial Services has introduced a new version of its Sprig digital wallet platform with new services from its long-standing business partner, Jacksonville, Fla.-based processor FIS. Co-op provides services including shared branches and call centers, ATMs and card processing for...

Infosys survey: Banks looking to mobile to lead innovation

Banks increasingly feel the need to innovate, according to a new survey, and they're looking to mobile to lead those efforts. The fifth annual "Innovation in Retail Banking" report — commissioned by the consulting, technology and outsourcing firm Infosys and...

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