In new ATM association, competition takes a back seat to crimefighting


The ATM Security Association for Enhanced Technology asks members to join a common cause against an underworld of uncommonly determined ATM fraudsters and cyberthieves.


Transforming self service: 'It's not a short journey'

A panel of first movers in ATM innovation and branch transformation share some of the learnings they've acquired along the way.

Wincor Nixdorf holds steady on annual net sales — with some rebalancing

Hardware and banking sales sagged, but increases in retail and software earnings took up the slack, CEO Eckard Heidloff said in the company's annual press conference.

Q3 a win (mostly) for ATM industry heavyweights

IADs Cardtronics and Euronet churned out double-digit revenue increases; Diebold continued its turnaround; NCR grew revenues, but missed expectations.

ATM enclosure access: Three problems, one solution

FIs, CIT providers and IADs all face issues of key management, custodian authorization and security integration. One company says it has a solution for all.

Reslam brings its solution for keyless ATM enclosure access to US

The South African company says its completely keyless system can flex to meet the needs of FIs, CIT companies and IADs of almost any size.

Hyosung changes the conversation about branch transformation

This week, Hyosung introduced its new assisted self-service solution for outside-the-branch transformation — the video teller-enabled MX7800i.

Scaling the EMV mountain

Just how serious is the EMV challenge facing U.S. ISOs?

'Solid': NCR and Diebold report positive Q2 revenues

In separate earnings calls, CEOs of both NCR and Diebold chose the same term to describe their quarterly revenues, up 8 and 3.7 percent respectively.

The Diebold ActiveEdge card reader: A turn for the better?

Simply by rotating card orientation 90 degrees, Diebold aims to turn the ATM skimming underworld on its head.

The Diebold ActivEdge ATM card reader: A turn for the better?

Simply by rotating card orientation 90 degrees, Diebold aims to turn the ATM skimming underworld on its head.

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Kuwaiti FI's new 'mini bank' driven by video teller technology

The Boubyan mini bank is powered by NCR Interactive Teller, which allows the FI to remotely deliver 95 percent of teller services between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 a.m., seven days a week.

Planfocus software, Wincor Nixdorf to share cash management know-how

Planfocus CPTO software will undergo further development to tie it in with key software products from Wincor Nixdorf.

Global ATM market expected to approach $22B by 2020

The global ATM market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 7.6 percent between 2014 and 2020, a new study reports.

Predictive services net 32K hours of additional uptime for Akbank ATMs

The NCR technology has helped the Turkish bank achieve a 10 percent increase in first-visit resolution of ATM issues, the company says.

UK ATM protection provider announces entry into US market

Scotia Security Group says it will introduce its ATM Cassette Guard — already widely used in the UK — to US ATM deployers at ATMIA 2015.

Diebold expands self-service line with 3500 and 3700 ATM series

The two new series provide enhanced self-service efficiencies, along with with multifunction cash recycling and streamlined security, the company says.

Hyosung poll finds half of respondents engaged in branch transformation

Banks are investing in advanced technology to reduce costs, increase sales and promote client satisfaction, the ATM-maker says.

KAL clocks fastest-ever ATM transaction times in German tests

In tests on machines from three major ATM makers, KAL achieved the fastest times ever recorded — beating even the manufacturers' own transaction times.

New ATM software lets FIs create a branded omnichannel user experience

Open, Web-based software architecture allows the coexistence of traditional functions and switch-independent business services in Wincor's ProFlex4 solution.

TIO wins patent for change-based 'reverse ATM' transactions

The patent offers a solution for transactions at a payment kiosk, or 'reverse ATM,' in which a customer must either insert exact change for a payment or round up to the next dollar and forfeit any change due.

Ecuadorian FI extends service to unbanked with cash-recycling ATMs

The technology will allow Banco del Pacifico to expand into underbanked regions by reducing the frequency and cost of cash replenishment visits.

Diebold accommodates self-service, assisted self-service functionality

The in-lobby solution helps FIs deliver on their branch transformation and omnichannel software strategies, the company says.

GRG debuts new model intelligent cash recycler in Germany

The company says its updated machine features a new look and an improved user experience.

Travelex, Wincor re-up ATM processing contract for 7 years

Wincor Nixdorf will continue as processor for Travelex ATMs in Europe, and will migrate devices in Asia Pacific and North America onto its global platform, as well.

Oregon CU uses technology to turn branches into resource centers

Rivermark Community Credit Union is linking physical and online banking to make its member experience faster, easier and more convenient.

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