New weatherized ATM delivers full functionality in small footprint

NCR Corp. and Wells Fargo have collaborated to design and develop the industry's first full-function weatherized ATM for exterior walk-up environments.


No time for running in place!

Amid stories about failed security, obsolete applications and legacy systems, there's evidence that vendors are lacing up their shoes to keep the industry ahead.

April's top ATM reads

A piece on corporate earnings; a couple of pieces on security; a couple pieces on ATM innovation — all of these cropped up in the ATM Marketplace top five for the month.

Diebold Q1: 'A large dose of self-help'

Under the leadership of Andy Mattes, the company has pulled up its bootstraps and taken important strides toward a turnaround.

NCR Q1 earnings hampered by currency exchange headwinds

In its first earnings call of the year, NCR faulted foreign currency exchange for a revenue miss — and forecast continuing ill winds for FX during 2015.

Vendors' Q1 numbers signal an ATM industry in flux

As profits fall, rumors fly.

Kalpana kick-off: NCR's ATM thin client solution gets its official launch

Yesterday, the ATM-maker introduced its new system to the world in a news release and video. And the world took notice.

Where do your ATMs connect? HP delivers x86, NonStop!

At the end of March, the HP enterprise group will announce the specifics of NonStop X, which will support Intel x86 architecture

Serving the user, securing the ATM: A delicate balance

Is it really possible to harden an ATM against skimming attacks while ensuring a first-rate user experience? TMD Security answers 'yes.'

ATM card skimming in 2015: Crime waves, countermeasures and case studies

A free March 12 webinar will investigate trending ATM skimming methods, new anti-skimming safeguards, and strategies major FIs have used to foil thieves.

Kalpana: A 'magic bullet' for the ATM industry?

NCR aims to maximize ATM security and minimize ATM cost of ownership with a bold new Android-based thin client operating system.

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Burroughs check scanner gets UV security feature

Integrating UV camera technology into a SmartSource UV Elite check scanner provides a low-cost device with improved UV image quality, the company says.

NCR brings new ATM models to MEA market

The SelfServ 23 and 27 feature greater cassette capacity and security for deployers, and multitouch and pinch-swipe gesture capability for users, the company says.

Wincor, AutoRek partner on ATM cash reconciliation deal

Under the agreement, UK-based AutoRek will implement its reconciliation software and provide reports for a Wincor banking customer.

Nautilus Hyosung America claims top spot in US ATM market share

Recent growth — particularly in the financial services space — has boosted its total US market share to 29 percent, the company says.

Positive results prompt German FI to add more cash recycling ATMs

Berliner Volksbank is adding more Cineo cash recycling ATMs at high-traffic branches, and converting standard ATMs to enable cash recycling at other branches, Wincor Nixdorf says.

Cash optimizing software delivers speedy results for Croatian FI

Within three months of deploying Aptra OptiCash software, Erste Bank saw emergency cash deliveries fall by 88 percent and out-of-cash events by 86 percent, NCR says.

Authentic payment platform update touts integration, ease, security

The latest version of the EFT processing solution adds features and enhancements to further improve usability and flexibility, NCR says.

Tampa Bay bank takes it to the streets

The C1 Bankmobile — featuring Diebold ATMs and in-lobby teller machine — will be rolled out for disaster recovery, sports events and community education.

Parabit Systems launches satellite offices in Chicago, LA, Miami

The self-service and security company says its new locations will allow it to expand customer and reseller support.

Nautilus Hyosung marks first US implementation of ATM cash recycling

As part of its branch transformation effort, Flushing Bank will implement the MX8800 solution, a staff-assisted device with cash recycling capability.

NCR, UAE bank partner to introduce customer-centric ATM solutions

Ajman Bank will revamp its ATM network with next-generation ATMs and omnichannel software to ensure higher availability and a personalized experience.

Early Warning, NCR partner on bank-to-bank good funds network

The project will allow consumers to enjoy safe, secure, and fast transactions across every touch point for their banking or purchases, NCR says.

RBR report: Glory owns largest share of teller assist market

In the research firm's biannual report on current TAU deployments around the world, Glory gets the ... er, glory.

SBI aims to increase ATM count by 8K new machines

Half of the new machines will feature cash recycling capability, according to a State Bank of India executive.

G&D ups productivity of high-speed cash handling systems

The company says its new NotaTracc solution eliminates several manual banknote handling steps and significantly improves operator ergonomics.

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