Banamex customers gain 24/7 ATM deposit availability

NCR is outfitting Banamex, a major Mexican bank, with SelfServ intelligent deposit ATMs at all of the FI's branches.


Is it time for French FIs to say 'Oui!' to independent ATMs?

Exclusion from the national ATM network has effectively barred IADs from the French market and prevented consumers — and FIs — from reaping the benefits of broader access.

Facilitated Rural Branches: An ATM-centric idea rural India can bank on

In rural villages where the nearest ATM might be a 15-minute bus ride away and branch setup is not viable, FRBs can be a cost-effective alternative.

Breaking the ice: The US meets cash recycling ATMs (finally)

With the launch of what they believe to be the nation's first cash recycler in New York City, Elan and Hyosung say the US market is warming up at last to the cost-saving device.

Note-worthy: January's top 5 ATM features

From siloed banking channels to mobile ATMs at the Super Bowl, a countdown of our readers' favorites for the month.

Deflated wallet? No worries! Two ATM companies are making sure Super Bowl fans have easy access to cash

Fans can score all the cash they need for beer, brats and bobbleheads at 90 mobile ATMs scattered throughout official Super Bowl locales hosting pre-, post- and game-time events.

Migrating ATMs to EMV: It's more than a matter of time and money

Most deployers understand that conversion to EMV involves considerable time and expense, but not all understand that it also involves operational adjustments.

New guide caters to restaurateurs, retailers looking to boost income with ATMs

'How to Profit from ATMs: A Guide for Retailers and Restaurateurs' delivers 40 pages packed with essential information about the business of owning, operating and earning revenue from ATMs.

'Operationalization?' Is that a word?

Yes it is. And it can help your business maintain higher service levels across the ATM channel and reduce costs across the board.

Cardtronics continues its upward course through Q2

With profits up 25 percent year-over-year, Cardtronics is looking like a company with plenty of blue sky ahead.

Wherever there's commerce, there should be an ATM!

There was a time when independent retailers didn't give ATMs a second thought. Today, flea market owners like Steve Blakewood see ATMs as indispensable. In fact, the owner of the Waldo Farmers & Flea Market in Waldo, Fla. found that his first Triton ATM was so popular that he recently added a second.

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Maharashtra postal centers to get 75 more ATMs by month-end

So far, India's postal system has installed 1,000 ATM centers at locations nationwide, all sharing a common network.

Raiffeisen Bank secures 5,500 European ATMs with NCR Solidcore Suite

The whitelisting software protects ATMs from insider attacks by preventing the introduction of unauthorized code onto the network, NCR says.

Global ATM count forecast to reach 4M within 5 years

An RBR report says that the global installed ATM base has added 1 million machines since 2010 and will add another million by 2020.

Desert Schools FCU, CFM to integrate cash automation with core

The FI has worked with the software provider to integrate operations of more than 70 cash automation devices into its new Correlation Keystone platform.

Swedes swoon over village's newly installed ATM

After six months without an ATM in town, residents of Skoghall, Sweden, were in the mood to celebrate their brand new Bankomat machine.

Mike Tyson LINQ'd with Vegas bitcoin ATM

The first celebrity-endorsed bitcoin ATM is live and ready to rumble at the LINQ Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, says operator Bitcoin Direct.

Wincor, AGS strike deal to manufacture ATMs in India

The companies have signed a contract for the provision of 40,000 Wincor Nixdorf cash dispensers in India within the next two years.

Banco Internacional, Diebold partner to streamline self-service

The Ecuadorian bank will deploy more than 400 new ATMs, as well as software and services, to promote efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Central bank forecasts drop in Aussie ATM numbers

As Aussies change their spending ways, their ATM visits have declined — and so will the number of cash points across the nation, the Reserve Bank of Australia says.

1,000 bitcoin ATMs going to Greece

With strict capital controls in place and trust in the banking system 'long gone,' Greeks are turning to bitcoin as an alternative to fiat currency.

No sunglasses, no hats — and definitely, no balaclavas

As South Korea prepares to roll out facial recognition software on ATMs, users of the machines are being advised to be recognizable.

Russian bank halves CIT costs with cash recycling ATMs

In a pilot test, an in-branch system turned over its initial cash supply 16 times; the 377-unit fleet is expected to pay for itself within a year.

Wincor speeds delivery times in Brazil with assembly partner

The company has struck a deal with local firm Perto that covers final production of Wincor Nixdorf systems for customers in-country.

AmEx qualifies Collis test tool for ATM certification

The test tool is used to certify that ATMs provide the terminal functionality required to process AmEx EMV transactions.

New RBR report appraises a booming Chinese ATM market

A new RBR report profiles the Chinese ATM market, including growth opportunities — and government regulations that disadvantage foreign providers.

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