Wincor Nixdorf holds steady on annual net sales — with some rebalancing


Hardware and banking sales sagged, but increases in retail and software earnings took up the slack, CEO Eckard Heidloff said in the company's annual press conference.


ATM Skimming - Modern-Day Bank Robbery [infographic]

What ATM end users need to know about card skimming and their role in preventing it.

Early 2013 rollout expected for KAL cashless ATM

KAL introduced its ATM this June with a kick-off in Times Square. Since then, the machine has undergone extensive field testing and received a few refinements. Meanwhile, The company has been talking with bankers and independent deployers about the market...

ATM trends in review: cash handling, cash recycling

At Wincor World 2012, Uwe Krause, vice president of banking at Wincor Nixdorf, talks about what's trending now in cash-handling. The biggest change, he says is the move toward cash recycling — both in the branch, with automated teller safes, and at the ATM, with self-service cash recycling machines.

How far can we see?

Since writing my last post, “Behind the scenes …”, I have had a number of discussions following my suggestion of how the inner workings of an ATM may be headed to the sub $100 mark, excluding the cartridges and the...

Behind the scenes

Like many of my readers, I like automobiles. More passionate than most, I suspect, a car for me has ceased to have anything to do with moving between point A and point B — for me, it’s all about the journey.

ATMIA US 2012: The 100k-hour LED ATM keyboard light

ACG showed its ballast-free LED ATM keyboard light at the ATMIA US 2012 Conference. The LED solution uses significantly less energy than a traditional fluorescent fixture, is noise-free, and may require only a couple of service calls over the life of the ATM. Also shown: ACG's new card-security device.

ATMIA US 2012: an ATM goes gecko; a high-tech topper

Rob Evans from Nautilus Hyosung talks about two of his company's products at the ATMIA US 2012 Conference: the wall-clinging Gecko ATM, and a digital-screen topper for the popular 2700 model.

Now’s the time to hit the ground running (aka, My New Year’s resolutions are wavering a bit)

Okay folks, March is just around the corner and — can you believe it? — we will soon be through the first quarter of 2012. Yikes. The new diet plans are on the sidelines and the treadmill is going to need a good dusting soon unless you are using it for a clothes hamper (I know a guy that does this … really).

New Year’s resolution: I'll get my upgrades done before the deadline

Now is the time to knock off your first New Year's resolution. It's time to finish off those upgrades for ADA, PCI and EMV (for those in Canada).

BAI 2011: The new tablet-style ATM from Nautilus Hyosung

Rob Evans demonstrates the tablet-style interface of the Monimax ATM from Nautilus Hyosung, which can capitalize on the increasing popularity of mobile payments and banking.

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Wincor Nixdorf cuts earnings forecast, cites sagging markets

The company expects flat earnings year over year, but still expects EBITA to grow on sale of Singapore facility.

3-in-1 cash-handler combines functions in a compact form factor

The Glory solution was designed to meet space constraints in smaller branch environments.

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