A new twist on ATM eavesdropping attacks in UAE

The new technique, which is specific to NCR Personas ATMs, leaves no visible trace of tampering on the exterior of the ATM.


ATM surveillance: Preserving the ATM, protecting the customer

It is inevitable that FIs must balance investments and cost containment, but they also must take into account the safety of the customers who use their services.

A small operator's guide to basic ATM care

Basic machine care isn't all that complicated. Here are five steps you can take to help ensure that your machine is always available (and inviting) to customers.

It's not an ATM. It's another branch.

It might be time to start considering your individual ATMs as mini-branches and to begin thinking about how to deliver an experience befitting of their importance as such.

Gone in 60 seconds: ATM 'crash and grab' crime on the rise

It's a highly destructive ATM attack with a low barrier to entry for criminals; all you need is 'hot' wheels and a hoodie.

Busting out of the ATM branding rut

The best way to get out of a rut is to change how you think about the problem, according to Josh Streufert, creative director for Weber Marketing Group. Streufert cited Akira Yoshizawa, grand origami master of Japan, as the perfect...

To increase positive brand image, eliminate negative impressions at the ATM

In the Internet age, negative comments and reviews can go viral in the worst possible sense. Companies scramble to "clean up" customer service issues and draft plans to help their employees turn bad situations into, if not positive, at least...

4 examples of ATM branding to jumpstart a creative brainstorm

Many financial institutions and retailers still see ATMs merely as cash or transaction machines. In reality, creative thinking can transform a standard automated teller into a vehicle for brand outreach. Here are four examples of ATM innovation to help jumpstart your creative branding brainstorm. 1.

The 2014 ATM Comparison Guide: Sorting apples from oranges

Oranges-to-oranges vendor specs help take the guesswork out of determining which models best meet a deployer's needs.

Mobile ATMs to the rescue

This has been one of the strangest and most devastating years for weather in the U.S. No matter where you live, you've been affected by extreme elements. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, this was the time of year when...

Smash and grab: alive and well

Perhaps it's due to living close to a very large American city, but it seems to me that the news stories on ATM smash and grab are on the increase. These make for exciting news stories — especially if they...

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TD Bank serves up a memorable, multichannel 'thank you' to customers

In addition to phone, online and branch giveaways, the FI created some spectacular surprises for selected customers at the 'automated thanking machine.'

UK virtual bank first direct gets 'real'

First direct bank is extending its brand presence from the digital world to the physical — not with branches, but rather, with ATMs.

Paramount ATMs to aid orphans in Kenya

Paramount Management Group has pledged surcharge income from several dozen of its East Coast ATMs to Horizon Initiative, a nonprofit helping Kenyan children.

Indian ingenuity increases ATM user convenience, safety

Thanks to innovative thinking by an Indian startup company, would-be ATM thieves could find themselves imprisoned — while still at the ATM. New Delhi-based IAD Transaction Solutions Intl. has dispensed with India’s standard practice of stationing unarmed guards in every ATM vestibule, according to an article in India's Economic Times.

Moneycorp deploys weatherized ATMs in the UK

NCR Corp. announced today that Moneycorp has deployed weatherized NCR SelfServ 28 ATMs in city center locations around the U.K.

Thieves infect ATMs with malware via USB drives

At the Chaos Computing Congress in Hamburg, Germany, details were revealed about a July attack on European ATMs. According to the BBC, thieves drilled holes into ATM enclosures, then loaded malware onto the machines via USB drives. The holes were...

Burroughs, GetBranded partner on branding installation venture

GetBranded.com, a branding solutions provider, and Burroughs, an ATM maintenance and support provider, have teamed up to provide nationwide ATM and kiosk branding installation services. The partnership allows GetBranded.com to offer a turnkey, design-to-installation branding service. "Now that we have...

New LED technology reduces cost of a fully illuminated ATM surround by up to 50%

Fully illuminated ATM wall surrounds used by major banks such as Wells Fargo and Chase are extremely complicated and costly to fabricate, requiring detailed site surveys to determine the exact location for the ATM opening and the LEDs behind the...

India's ICICI adds 'Branch on Wheels'

ICICI Bank Ltd. has launched its "Branch on Wheels" as part of a financial inclusion plan that aims to provide banking services to unbanked villages in India. The initiative is the first of its kind to be implemented by one...

Spanish FI puts the bank on the bus

In 2012, in the midst of financial collapse, the Spanish banking industry closed 1,963 — 5 percent — of all branches, leaving some towns with no bank access at all. Now one FI is trying to fill the gap. According...

Kuwait gets its first drive-through ATM

Viva, a Kuwaiti telecom operator, has installed the first drive-through ATM in the nation of Kuwait. In addition to cash withdrawal at the user's convenience, the ATM offers bill payment capability. "At Viva, we always look for new innovative concepts...

Wincor ProCash family grows to include weatherized through-the-wall ATM

Wincor Nixdorf has announced the expansion of its ProCash range of robust, compact ATMs to include a new weatherized system. The ProCash 285 through-the-wall unit features a simple and intuitive design for easy cash withdrawals, the company said in a...

Gore intros new adhesive vent for outdoor electronics enclosures

W. L.

Citywide ATM unleashes an armored pitbull

Citywide ATM, a nationwide seller, distributor and processor of ATMs, has announced the introduction of a new custom enclosure for its ATM PitBull alarm system. The protective cladding was designed and produced with help from Buckeye Shapeform, a provider of...

Ghana gets its first mobile ATM

Ghana's UT Bank has rolled out (literally) that nation's first mobile banking unit. "Bank on Wheels" was unveiled this week at the bank's annual shareholder meeting in Accra. The mobile branch is fully equipped with state-of-the-art communication and technology systems...

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ATM enclosures and surrounds help attract customers, protect the ATM in harsh environments and keep the machine secure. Check out this Research Center to learn more about how enclosures and surrounds affect the performance of the ATM.