Alaska USA FCU, FIS partner on payment initiatives

FIS will provide ATM driving, EFT processing, card production, and a number of related services.


Massively unaware

A link between the recent data breaches and the US EMV upgrade has yet to be established in the minds of most small merchants, many of whose stores have ATMs.

The Hyosung/Tranax 1500 and EMV: What should you do?

A white paper from outlines three options for owner-operators of the 50,000 active 1500s in the U.S. market.

Do EMV upgrades trigger ADA review?

IADs whose ATMs were not up to ADA standards as of March 15, 2012, might want to review their portfolio before simply buying EMV upgrade kits for existing machines.

For retail bankers, the song remains the same ...

But with so many external forces at work — from regulators, networks, technology providers and consumers — the words take on a new meaning.

Doing it by the numbers …

At this year's ATMIA conference and expo, numbers were in record-setting territory, the most important being the 1,100 registered attendees who showed up.

Will an EMV liability cloud threaten the value of your ATM portfolio?

Small IADs are absolutely right to question whether they can afford to implement EMV. But they should also ask themselves whether they can afford not to.

Somebody else's headache: 5 reasons to outsource your ATMs

With EMV liability shifts looming, now is a good time to consider offloading the costs — and headaches — that come with ATM fleet upgrades.

Migrating ATMs to EMV: It's more than a matter of time and money

Most deployers understand that conversion to EMV involves considerable time and expense, but not all understand that it also involves operational adjustments.

I need cash — beam me up!

Given the successful deployment and ready acceptance of biometrics elsewhere in the world, greater use of this technology in the US is inevitable.

Is tokenization becoming table stakes for mobile payments?

Tokenization is a good move forward as it builds on the gains of PCI and the global adoption of EMV standards.

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FIME aligns terminal integration services, tools to new MasterCard M-TIP 2.0 spec

Following its terminal integration process update, the company says it can now accommodate testing for contact, contactless and dual-interface scenarios.

Instant issuance solution eases EMV bankcard transition for smaller FIs

The solution allows users to upgrade or install an EMV-compatible instant issuance program that includes card personalization, procurement, onsite printing and customer support.

TNS, ID Tech partnership aims to ease EMV upgrade path

The team-up will allow ID Tech hardware, such as EMV card readers, to be more readily certified into the US marketplace.

Networks define basic requirements for US EMV chip deployment

The EMV Minimum Requirements Matrix provides a baseline for stakeholders to work from as they prepare for the US card fraud liability shift.

EMV Migration Forum publishes paper on EMV PIN change at ATM

'Implementing EMV at the ATM: PIN Change at the ATM,' provides guidance for deployers thinking about adding the facility for PIN change at the ATM.

FIME develops go-to-market kit to streamline EMV card issuance

The 'EMV Starter Kit' for small to midsize FIs provides out-of-the-box consulting services designed to facilitate chip card issuance.

Financial pros have faith in EMV

New research indicates a high level of confidence in EMV technology as a weapon in the fight against credit and debit card fraud.

BankDhofar first to join Central Bank of Oman in EMV migration

The new feature allows account-­to-­account transfer of up to 5,000 Omani rials ($12,987) from BankDhofar to other local bank accounts.

MasterCard qualifies firms' PVT product for EMV and NFC

The test tool is intended to help issuers, card manufacturers and personalization bureaus speed up certification and launch of contact and contactless EMV card and NFC payments projects.

Card issuers reluctant to leapfrog merchants on EMV migration

Banks hesitate to put chip cards in customers' hands if retailers haven't upgraded their terminals to process them.

Visa hits the road

The card giant has embarked on a nationwide tour to explain how and why businesses should prepare to accept chip transactions.

Card Services for Credit Unions to cover EMV enablement costs for members

The CUSO says it will help 2,300 member CUs mitigate $11 million in financial impact from the migration to EMV chip cards.

Korea sets moratorium for mag stripe transactions at ATMs

Only chip cards will be accepted at ATMs; POS terminals may still conduct mag stripe transactions, however.

CPI adds line of Durbin-compliant EMV debit cards

The new products comply with all MasterCard requirements and Durbin specifications for U.S. debit cards, the company says.

EMV Migration Forum releases consumer education guide

The new step-by-step guide seeks to help industry stakeholders develop effective consumer education efforts as the US migrates to chip technology.

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