India's central bank extends deadline for EMV card migration

The Reserve Bank of India has responded to concerns voiced by the nation's FIs that a September 2015 deadline is impossible to meet.


Befuddled and confused about EMV

Those needing to update their infrastructure to support EMV might be befuddled and confused by chip and signature, but wrongdoers have it all figured out.

EMV countdown: What can we learn from merchant migration?

ISOs and IADs will face many of the issues that now confront merchants looking down the barrel at EMV liability shifts in three months.

How to upgrade your ATMs to EMV and stay in business

ATM deployers don’t have to choose between EMV upgrades today and fraud risks later; options now available can make migration more affordable.

EMV liability shift for ATMs: Are you feeling lucky?

Nobody — no card network or government or bank — has said that ATM deployers have to upgrade to EMV. But what might you be putting at risk if you don't?

Summer reading list: The top 5 ATM features for June

Grab your e-reader and an ice-cold beverage, then head to the hammock and catch up on ATM Marketplace features you might've missed last month.

After the chip card: A chargeback tsunami?

What can we learn from Canada's experience weathering the fraud fallout that followed EMV migration?

Torching mom and pop

With the major card schemes looking to offload up to $6B in annual card fraud beginning this year, the EMV risks to 'mom-and-pops' will grow exponentially.

What goes boom on the street: The gassing of ATMs!

I am extremely fearful that the greatly dumbed-down 'blow up the ATM' model will appeal to many a would-be bad guy once the old 'steal the ATM card' method no longer works.

Massively unaware

A link between the recent data breaches and the US EMV upgrade has yet to be established in the minds of most small merchants, many of whose stores have ATMs.

The Hyosung/Tranax 1500 and EMV: What should you do?

A white paper from outlines three options for owner-operators of the 50,000 active 1500s in the U.S. market.

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TMG completes in-market testing of EMV debit

The company has partnered with pilot clients across the US to issue and successfully test EMV debit cards in real-world merchant environments.

Eval 4dev sends EMV Level 2 kernel testing to the cloud

Fime says its new solution allows development teams to check their work step by step, reducing the risk of failure in certification testing.

Thailand licenses China's UnionPay chip card standard

The newly signed agreement signals the first move in China's push to export the UnionPay chip card standard.

Third fraudster pleads guilty in cross-country ATM caper

Three co-conspirators skimmed data in Europe and then took a US road trip, stopping at ATMs every few miles to withdraw cash using counterfeit cards.

Industry groups launch EMV consumer education initiative

The program provides messages and materials for industry stakeholders to use in educating consumers about the use and benefits of chip cards.

Euronet aids Indonesian FI with chip card issuer-acquirer cert

Euronet and its local partner, PT Sigma Cipta Caraka, worked with Bank Antardaerah to implement support for chip card ATM and debit transactions.

EMV solution offers workaround for complex certifications

Payment solutions provider OpenEdge says its systems are tested, certified and ready to process EMV transactions.

DNA approves Fime chip card personalization validation service

The new DNA program confirms that EMV chip cards using the DNA Shared Debit AID and corresponding acceptance terminals comply with DNA requirements.

EMV migration slows even as deadline looms

The reasons for the slowdown — and its longer-term implications — are the subject of a new research note by Mercator.

DNA collaborative taps Gemalto for EMV consulting

The company's consultants executed a strategy that details card, terminal and personalization requirements for EMV debit implementation.

New service offers customer support backup for ISOs

Merchant Contact Services offers merchant acquirers a suite of white label, inbound and outbound services for all campaign types.

Oberthur launches EMV blog for US financial services providers

'Chip Cards Insider' will address reader concerns leading up to the retail liability shift in October — and beyond.

Euronet, Jakarta FI partner on EMV initiative

Euronet and its Indonesian partner, PT Sigma Cipta Caraka, will help the bank to implement system modifications needed to support chip card-based debit card transactions.

Poll: Few US cardholders have received chip cards

On the plus side, 70 percent of Americans who have received chip cards say they know how to use them.

Nearly half of smart cards shipped bound for US, China

Of 2.1 billion cards shipped, 903 million will end up in the wallets of Chinese and American cardholders, an ABI study finds.

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