MasterCard qualifies UL personalization validation tool for US EMV card issuers

UL has announced the qualification of its Collis EMV Personalization Validation Tool (version 3.9.5) by MasterCard, including the U.S. common debit AID (i.e., the U.S.


The Walmartization of EMV

America's largest retailer will bulldoze the remaining barriers to EMV adoption, which might have ramifications at the ATM.


You might agree with EMV detractors, but what really matters is that MasterCard and Visa have decided that it has value in combatting fraud at the ATM.

Is the US ATM industry making too big a fuss about EMV?

A UK commentator says it's time for the US to get with the program and get on with EMV migration.

Here come the regulators!

In what is likely more of a trend than a blip, two regulators have already weighed in on behalf of disgruntled constituents in the payment security debate. And who can blame them? Politicians feel most empowered and useful when they...

EMV and the ATM industry: Moving the rock uphill

Migration to EMV is a Sisyphian task; Sisyphus would probably rather just push his boulder up a mountain.

Ignorance is no defense

In a disturbing study released in early March, Newtek Business Services threw a cold, wet towel over the notion that merchants were ready for — or even informed about — the changes coming with EMV. Of more than 1,400 merchants...

Who's swimming naked?

If you're an IAD, here are four ways to ensure that you won't be exposed when the tide rolls out on EMV.

To increase positive brand image, eliminate negative impressions at the ATM

In the Internet age, negative comments and reviews can go viral in the worst possible sense. Companies scramble to "clean up" customer service issues and draft plans to help their employees turn bad situations into, if not positive, at least...

It's go time. Are your techs ready?

This year will be remembered for the number of ATM upgrades and replacements that occurred as a result of the migration from Windows XP to Windows 7. But this is not the only upgrade being implemented at this time.

The US IAD business gets a pulse check

Fourth annual report examines challenges, concerns, opportunities and outlook for US independents in the ATM business.

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Free white paper helps ATM deployers get ready for a contactless, cardless future

According to the 2014 U.S. Independent ATM Deployer Survey, nearly 35 percent of ATM deployers are working on a strategy to implement contactless ATM transactions.

Shazam adopts MasterCard common debit solution for EMV transactions

The Shazam Network has announced that it will make the MasterCard EMV debit solution available to all of its participants. The agreement provides all members of the Shazam Network with an EMV license for MasterCard products. “The objective of our...

Compass Plus wraps first phase of ATM switch, processing migration for major Indonesian bank

The project for Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional marks the entry of the payments software and services provider into the Indonesian market.

ATMIA to discuss transaction routing concerns with Fed board

The ATM Industry Association announced today that a member task force will meet July 22 with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington. ATMIA requested the meeting to address growing concerns over the routing of ATM debit transactions. Implementation...

Court sets date to hear chip card patent infringement case against Visa, MasterCard

The case of SmartMetric v. Visa and MasterCard will test the recent Supreme Court ruling that abstract ideas cannot be protected by patents.

New website will teach US FIs, consumers about EMV chip cards

Oberthur Technologies has launched a new resource to help consumer and FI audiences understand how EMV works and why U.S. adoption is essential.

First EMV-compliant ATMs certified in Japan

Driven by increasing numbers of visiting travelers, Japan's Aeon Bank Ltd. has become the first FI in Japan to deploy ATMs that support secure EMV chip card transactions.

More than 100M chip cards to be issued in US by year-end

The U.S. payments industry is on track to see 100 million or more EMV chip cards issued, and an estimated 4.5 million chip-capable terminals in place by year-end, according to the EMV Migration Forum news release. EMV Migration Forum director Randy Vanderhoof commented on the estimates: The U.S.

EMV, HCE, BLE will drive adoption of NFC in the USA

Are tap-and-go transactions ever going to be a reality in the U.S.? Yes they are, said speakers at last week’s 2014 NFC Solutions Summit in Austin — and sooner than you might expect. Tech execs from across the payments world...

Rankings released for June’s '10 best EMV compliance consultants' has ranked the 10 best EMV compliance consulting firms for the month of June, evaluating member consultants to determine which ones provide the best services overall.

Study: The bulk of US payment cards will be EMV enabled within 17 months

By the end of 2015, 70 percent of credit cards and 41 percent of debit cards in the United States will be EMV enabled, according to a new report from research and consulting firm Aite Group. “EMV: Lessons Learned and...

Banco do Brasil intros an ATM access solution for international travelers

Barely more than a week away from the start of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, Banco do Brasil Americas and payment processor i2c Inc. have launched a multi-currency prepaid MasterCard. According to a news release from Silicon Valley-based i2c press...

NYCE licenses MasterCard EMV common debit solution

Payment technology provider FIS has announced a licensing agreement that will make the MasterCard EMV debit solution available to all NYCE participants. The agreement provides all NYCE Network participants with an EMV license with respect to MasterCard products and continues...

Retailers ready to go one more round in debit card fee fight

Merchants aren’t ready to throw in the towel quite yet. On Monday, the National Association of Convenience Stores and the National Retail Federation announced that they will petition the Supreme Court to hear their case against the Federal Reserve. The...

MasterCard, Pulse agree to common debit EMV solution

MasterCard and Pulse, a Discover Financial Services company, have reached an agreement that will allow EMV debit card issuers who participate in both brands’ networks to use the MasterCard common debit solution with those cards. U.S. debit regulations require that...

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