FIs looking to invest in upgraded ATMs, new technology in 2015


EMV readers, e-receipts, touch screens and targeted marketing top the list of ATM features financial institutions want to add, a new report says.


The headlines say it all: EMV is an answer!

Today, the EMV headlines are coming at us with the velocity we previously attributed to topics such as big data.

EMV chip-and-signature: The mirage of protection

Without a holistic approach to user and transaction verification we're only presenting an appearance of protection — one that will vanish when tested by sophisticated cybercrooks.

The ATM industry: Bound for ... where?

Industry experts fielded questions at PayThink 2014 in a session dedicated to sussing out the future of the ATM.

Obama executive order calls for 'BuySecure' initiative

An executive order from the president directs the government to lead the way in securing financial transactions and sensitive data — and in pushing toward nationwide adoption of EMV.

Considerations for EMV migration at the ATM

The process of moving to EMV technology can seem overwhelming, but thorough planning, communication and coordination can help make the transition a success.

Scaling the EMV mountain

Just how serious is the EMV challenge facing U.S. ISOs?

Will smart cards leapfrog mobile?

The ability to securely download apps to a consumer's smart card has been demonstrated. But why is this important to a market that is already moving toward mobile payment?

The Diebold ActivEdge ATM card reader: A turn for the better?

Simply by rotating card orientation 90 degrees, Diebold aims to turn the ATM skimming underworld on its head.

The Walmartization of EMV

America's largest retailer will bulldoze the remaining barriers to EMV adoption, which might have ramifications at the ATM.


You might agree with EMV detractors, but what really matters is that MasterCard and Visa have decided that it has value in combatting fraud at the ATM.

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Where are you on EMV migration? ATMIA wants to know

The ATM EMV Readiness Survey closes at 8 p.m. Friday; input from industry members (i.e., you) will help the organization determine how best to support operators' needs and interests.

Card issuers pick up the pace of EMV promotion

Mentions of EMV charted a dramatic increase from 3 percent of estimated direct mail acquisition pieces in Q1 2014 to more than 33 percent in Q3, one monitoring company says.

Elan licenses MasterCard common AID

Licensing the MasterCard common application identifier allows Elan to facilitate US domestic debit transactions on the network in accordance with Durbin routing requirements.

EMV solution from CPI serves small, medium issuers

EMVReady was developed to support small and medium-size card issuers in the U.S. as they migrate to EMV.

UK test solutions provider adds US common AID to test suites

The test tool platform and test card packs from British provider ICC can now facilitate EMV implementation and rollout for its clients in the U.S.

ANZ offers 'world's first' secure contactless EMV transactions at the ATM

The solution will scale to integrate future functionalities, such as user authentication and ATM transaction pre-staging via mobile device.

Ascert intros simulator-agnostic driver for EMV testing

Using the VersaTest Simulator as its engine, EMV Super Driver serves EMV field 55 data to any existing test simulator.

New report examines FIs' EMV preparedness

ATM operators have until 2017 to achieve compliance, but for card issuers it's an 11-month countdown to the liability shift.

Aconite, Proxama deal will create one-stop solution for EMV, NFC migration

The companies will offer an end-to-end solution for migration from mag stripe cards to EMV chip cards and token-based contactless mobile NFC systems.

Vantiv prepped to roll out Durbin-compliant EMV card solutions

Having completed the first US Common AID-enabled EMV debit transaction with US merchants, Vantiv will begin production of Visa- and MasterCard-certified cards in January.

EMV used in 30 percent of transactions worldwide, data reveals

In Europe Zone 1, 96 percent of transactions were EMV-enabled; in the US, 0.03 percent were, EMVCo says.

UL adds EMVCo contactless level 1 approval services

Certification allows the Fremont facility to conduct tests on behalf of card and mobile handset vendors who need level 1 type approval in order to sell their products in the U.S.

ATMIA calls all US ATM operators to take EMV readiness survey

ATMIA seeks input from all operators — including FIs and IADs of all sizes — regardless of membership. Findings will be released industry-wide in December.

Amex intros tokenization, HCE services

The token service is available in the US, and international rollout is expected to begin in 2015. HCE specifications are available today globally.

FIME adds new features to SAVVI EMV terminal testing platform

SAVVI 2.0 introduces a simplified user interface, online test card maintenance capabilities, and programmable test cards.

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