New association will promote tech-powered experience across consumer channels

The Interactive Customer Experience Association will explore ways that technologies can be combined to create new and unique consumer experiences.


Kalpana: A 'magic bullet' for the ATM industry?

NCR aims to maximize ATM security and minimize ATM cost of ownership with a bold new Android-based thin client operating system.

Will an EMV liability cloud threaten the value of your ATM portfolio?

Small IADs are absolutely right to question whether they can afford to implement EMV. But they should also ask themselves whether they can afford not to.

Somebody else's headache: 5 reasons to outsource your ATMs

With EMV liability shifts looming, now is a good time to consider offloading the costs — and headaches — that come with ATM fleet upgrades.

Deflated wallet? No worries! Two ATM companies are making sure Super Bowl fans have easy access to cash

Fans can score all the cash they need for beer, brats and bobbleheads at 90 mobile ATMs scattered throughout official Super Bowl locales hosting pre-, post- and game-time events.

The ATM industry outlook for 2015: 'Bigger, better, faster, more'

Don't look for big new ATM trends in 2015; instead, look for the rapid acceleration of emerging technologies and business strategies that made headlines in 2014.

Migrating ATMs to EMV: It's more than a matter of time and money

Most deployers understand that conversion to EMV involves considerable time and expense, but not all understand that it also involves operational adjustments.

EMV at the ATM: The devil is in the details

For ATM operators, nailing down the details of EMV implementation starts with asking vendors several important questions.

Casing out financial cyber crime: A federal agent's point of view

At BAI Retail Delivery, FBI Special Agent Patrick Geahan described five types of cyber attacks and one mistake that can cost an organization millions.

Q3 a win (mostly) for ATM industry heavyweights

IADs Cardtronics and Euronet churned out double-digit revenue increases; Diebold continued its turnaround; NCR grew revenues, but missed expectations.

More relevant than ever: The changing face of the ATM

Financial institutions are investing more in high-tech features that appeal to cash-carrying millennials, and that's a great opportunity for IADs.

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2015 IAD poll reveals jump in EMV readiness, continued concerns about cost

The annual study gauged the top concerns and issues of independent ATM deployers across the United States.

Cardtronics announces new business organization in wake of acquisitions

Reorganizing the business around its merchant-owned and distributor customer base in the U.S. will focus resources closer to customers, the company says.

Dolphin Debit takes on ATM fleet for Houston CU

Rather than replace all of its ATMs to achieve regulatory compliance, Memorial CU decided to outsource ownership and operation of the fleet.

FTSI inaugurates executive experience center

The facility features a range of NCR hardware and software, plus FTSI branch security, signage, branding, and service solutions.

Licensing deal allows Genmega ATMs to run Triton TDL communication platform

The agreement will enable operators to deploy Triton value-added features across additional ATM brands.

Cardtronics UK triples Cashzone ATM count in grocery, department store chains

The rollout of Cashzone-branded ATMs is underway at Waitrose and John Lewis stores and will continue through 2015.

Cardtronics to keep stocking The Pantry's ATMs under new contract

The company will continue to manage and operate ATMs for convenience store brands owned by The Pantry, including Kangaroo Express.

Burroughs buys ATM services and equipment provider Pendum

The deal creates the nation's largest independent multivendor provider of equipment maintenance and technology solutions for check and cash transactions, Burroughs says.

Dolphin Debit serves up splashy numbers for 2014

The IAD reported impressive growth for the year, including a 35 percent increase in revenue.

Allpoint, Star networks re-up 
surcharge-free ATM agreement

The relationship offers expanded surcharge-free access to StarSF member financial institutions and their cardholders.

Co-op breaks 3B benchmark in member payment transactions

The company also broke its previous records for volume-per-second, -minute, -hour, and -day on Dec. 24, 2014.

New Inetco Analytics application mines ATM transaction big data

A new software application for customer analytics provides on-demand access to consumer experience, use and profitability data, the company says.

Software vendors reshaping merchant services distribution

New research discusses how acquirers and ISOs should be responding to an integrated payments revolution in the US.

UK pushes tax relief for merchants who offer fee-free ATMs

The UK government is urging local councils across the country to award tax breaks to shopkeepers who offer "free-to-use" ATMs.

Investment bank sues ATM Network, Cardtronics over busted deal

Green, Holcomb & Fisher said it was defrauded of payment for a year's worth of work in arranging a sale of ATM Network to Seven Bank.

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