Have You Done All You Can To Secure Your ATM Network?

An ATM operator's guide to security.


How do you stop a $45M ATM heist?

Kevin Christensen of Shazam offers a four-point strategy to stymie cyberthieves and their "feet on the street."

ATMIA US 2012: Fighting cyber attacks at the ATM

GMV demonstrated their anti-cyber crime software at the ATMIA US 2012 conference.

Hey Wally, what’s up?

What the heck is happening at Australia’s banks? And what value would anyone place on the robustness of their ATM networks? If you haven’t been following the news, since 2010 a litany of outages has had those living in the...

Watch those NACHA emails

Community banks and credit unions can make a significant dent in fraud losses by giving cardholders a heads-up where fraud is concerned. This is particularly important in the area of phishing attacks, which are coming fast and furious – and...

Video banking session pits 'PTM' against ATM

Coastal Federal Credit Union has 15 units installed, cutting teller headcount by 40 percent.

One very easy way to reduce fraud loss

Fraud prevention is a complex endeavor. There is a litany of methods a financial institution can implement to lower or even stop debit card fraud.

ATM security threats diversify

The world's largest ATM security conference (ATM Security 2011) was held in London last month and it is clear that ATM security is still a major issue. Skimming remains the dominant threat, although losses are falling in most countries. Ironically,...

Identity theft ring targeted banks

In what is considered "the largest identity theft takedown in U.S. history," 111 individuals were indicted for "stealing the personal credit information of thousands of unwitting American and European consumers and costing individuals, financial institutions and retail businesses more than...

ATM, Debit & Prepaid Forum session touts benefits of branch teller recyclers

Representatives from NCR, Wincor and Talaris put the ROI at 18 months.

Why criminals target ATM and debit cards: It's easy

A technologically sophisticated crime requires a sophisticated response.  

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'Luuuk' bank fraud nets $680K in one week via ATM cash-out

As EMV makes card skimming less profitable in Europe, criminals are finding new ways to access accounts. But they're still cashing out their stolen proceeds at ATMs. Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered evidence of a targeted attack against the clients of a large European bank.

Indian ATM security provider acquires $5M from Silicon Valley VC fund

Securens Systems Pvt. Ltd., a 3-year-old ATM e-surveillance firm based in Mumbai, has announced a capital infusion of more than 30 crore rupees (about $5 million) from the Mayfield venture capital fund. The company provides dedicated communications, Internet protocol messaging and closed circuit television solutions.

Indian banks, CIT companies begin conversation about security

Amid concerns about the increasing incidence of attacks on CIT vehicles as they replenish ATMs, representatives from India's banking and cash-in-transit sectors were expected to meet Wednesday to discuss possible solutions. The meeting was prompted by a request from the Reserve Bank of India, a report by Business Standard said.

FTC official will talk payment regulation, trends at Washington summit

The Federal Trade Commission has staked out a leadership role in potential regulation of the mobile payments landscape. And in a keynote address at the first ATM & Mobile Executive Summit, Malini Mithal, assistant director, Bureau of Consumer Protection at...

Fiserv wins 'best-in-class' for anti-money laundering tool

Financial technology provider Fiserv Inc. announced its Financial Crime Risk Management platform has won the "Best-in-Class" rating in the Enterprise Support category in the CEB TowerGroup 2012 Anti-Money Laundering Technology Review.

NYC ATM bill forger arrested

It didn't take long for authorities to find the culprit behind the fake bills put into Chase Bank ATMs in New York City. Not surprising considering the criminal mastermind's work was described as "amateurish" by ATM technicians who inspected the bogus bills.

ATMs get blown up down under

ATMs in and around Perth in Western Australia have been targeted in a series of bombings over the past few weeks. Western Australia Today reported that an ATM in the suburban town of Gwelup was the seventh one to be hit with a bomb in the past five weeks. At least a half dozen ATMs in the metropolitan Perth area have been hit as well.

Regions Financial adds Diebold security monitoring capabilities

Regions Financial Corporation, a Birmingham, Ala.-based FI with $128 billion in assets and operations in 16 states, announced that it has transformed its in-house central station, integrating expertise from Diebold Inc. Diebold employees now staff Regions' Birmingham, Ala.-based in-house central...

London ATM conference to address security topics

RBR and the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) announced that they will again collaborate to produce ATM Security 2012, the world’s largest conference dedicated to ATM fraud and security. The conference will take place at the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel in London, Oct.

After ATM-user shooting, a call for better cameras

The hunt for a criminal who robbed and shot an ATM user in Central Florida has prompted a call for improved surveillance cameras at ATM terminals. An editorial in Florida's Sun Sentinal said that CCTV stills from the (fortunately nonfatal)...

Bangalore police get tough on slipshod bank security

Police in the R.T. Nagar district of Bangalor have instructed insurance companies not to pay out claims to banks unless the bank presents a certificate from the police. The action is in response to an ongoing problem in which robberies...

It's an ATM headache a week for HSBC

HSBC ATMs went dark throughout the UK last Sunday as the result of an IT failure at the bank. According to a report by the BBC, UK customers of HSBC were unable to use ATMs, make card payments or conduct...

Fiserv, Chartwell Compliance partner on risk management

Fiserv Inc., a provider of financial services technology solutions, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Chartwell Compliance, a consultancy on regulatory compliance, financial crimes and enterprise risk management. Clients of both companies will gain access...

Israeli bank goes with NiceVision security solution

Bank Mizrahi Tefahot, a $39.7 billion Israeli FI, has selected the NiceVision banking solution to secure its branches and ATM systems throughout Israel. NiceVision captures video recordings at branches and ATMs for fraud detection and claim settlement, and allows for...

Study: Nearly all cyber attacks in 2011 were avoidable

A Verizon study released last Thursday said that 97 percent of the cyber attacks on FIs and other companies last year were carried out using fairly simple methods and easily could have been foiled with basic or intermediate controls, said...

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