ATMs Shine with LED Lighting

Financial institutions are switching to LED thanks to ROI, improvements in technology, more creative solutions and ADA requirements.


3 tips to maximize your ATM marketing

Maximize bank and credit union branding with easy ATM marketing tactics.

Sticker Shock: ATM industry attacks fee-notice rule

Fee-notice stickers on machines are a redundancy that may do more harm than good, industry says.

Suzuki Automotive South Africa uses ATM screen ads to boost Vitara sales

SP Media is trying to increase third-party brand advertising at South African ATMs.

Recent demand letters regarding Massachusetts surcharge stickers and receipts

Dear Independent ATM Deployers (IADs): It has come to my attention over the past week that a large, albeit yet to be determined, number of merchants in Massachusetts have received a demand letter from a small Massachusetts law firm named...

Genmega 2500: New ATM backed by years of industry-established components

When a new ATM (or any product for that matter) is launched in the market, purchasing hesitation is generally brought on by fears that the product will have early recall-related issues. Luckily, with Genmega – a new ATM brand that...

Clean ATMs are cool ATMs

GRGBanking recently published a fascinating white paper on ATM hygiene. In the paper, the manufacturer highlights the public health aspect of keeping ATMs clean.

First Financial improves customer experience, enhances branch

First Financial Bank redefined its customer experience by visually and graphically modernizing its branch.

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Federal court dismisses fee placard suit

A federal court in New York has dismissed a fee placard law suit described as "cookie cutter." An article by CUNA News Now said that the plaintiff, Yehudah Katz, a resident of Brooklyn, N.Y., brought the suit against Atlanta-based Delta...

Cash Depot announces new LCD ATM topper

Full-service ATM provider Cash Depot has announced the introduction of a new crystal LED illuminated ATM topper. The acrylic "floating frame" topper features an outer edge lit by LED lights, creating a “halo effect." Other product features include: Optical grade...

PAI launches ATM data breach/sticker suit protection program

Payment Alliance International (PAI), a provider of electronic payment processing and information solutions, is set to launch an indemnification coverage program for PCI-related data breaches, fee-notice sticker suits and related legal fees. The program, PAI Secure ATM, will be introduced...

Two more federal cases filed in Las Vegas against independent ATM operators

According to the Las Vegas Review, two more federal cases have been filed against independent ATM operators for allegedly not having ATM surcharge fee disclosure notices posted on the machines. The ATMs were located in a Speedee Mart at 5110...

Las Vegas ATM operators sued over surcharge fee stickers

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a Los Angeles-area man spent time in Las Vegas searching for ATMs that didn't display surcharge fee stickers and became the lead plaintiff in cases against 17 nonbank operators. Attorney Mark Henness said that...

Surcharge sticker fee lawsuits cropping up across several states

The Credit Union Times reports that there are 44 lawsuits across 14 states against credit unions and community banks over alleged ATM compliance violations as of June 30. All 44 lawsuits involve alleged violations of Regulation E, the regulation that...

AIS launches line of open-frame LCDs for sunlight-readable ATMs

American Industrial Systems Inc. (AIS), an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier and manufacturer, has released a complete line of open-frame LCD display monitors featuring high brightness, transflective, high luminance TFT-LCD display solutions, designed for ATMs, ticketing kiosks, retail kiosks, vending machines...

ATM ad software company signs contract with a large U.K. bank

I-design Group Plc, a leading designer of ATM advertising software, announced Wednesday that it has won a major contract to deploy their marketing software solution on Barclay Bank's entire ATM and kiosk network.The contract involves supplying atmAd covers to London-based...

Cardtronics signs ATM-branding agreement

Cardtronics Inc. has signed an ATM branding agreement with a San Antonio-based credit union.

Digital UK adds i-design's atmAd digital signage network to promote ‘switchover awareness'

Digital UK, the not-for-profit company leading the UK's switchover to digital TV, announced that it has enhanced its advertising campaign with targeted messages on i-design's self-service marketing platform, atmAd. The region-specific campaigns will run alongside existing TV, press, outdoor and...

Co-Op offers ATM signage, content software

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — Co-Op Financial Services is offering its first subsidized ATM signage program as way for members to easily promote their participation in the Co-Op Network.

Philly credit union joins Select-A-Branch surcharge-free ATM network

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. — Philadelphia Federal Credit Union has joined the Select-A-Branch ATM Network, giving its members surcharge-free ATM access at more than 150 S-A-B locations.

Signage with universal ATM logo now available

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A Web site created by NSA, provider of field marketing and image-presentation services for large-scale ATM deployments, is supplying ATM deployers with access to the new universal ATM pictogram recently released by the ATM Industry Association.

Tenn. service provider upgrades ATMs in Midwest

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — National Services Associates has completed its first updating and upgrading project for approximately 800 Midwestern U.S.

ATMs to promo MS awareness in U.K.

NEWPORT-ON-TAY, Scotland — The Multiple Sclerosis Society, the United Kingdom's largest charity for people affected by multiple sclerosis, is using ATM advertising by i-design to promote MS Awareness Week.   The adverts will feature positive dynamic visual testimonials from people who have overcome the challenges of MS.

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