Mobile Payment Strategies and Utility Companies

TIO Networks recently surveyed a number of their Utility and Service Companies to understand their thoughts on and plans for launching a mobile bill payment application.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: TIO Networks Corp.

ATM - Mobile Integration Guide: Strategies for Successful Omnichannel Banking

This guide examines how banks are developing cross-channel strategies linking their ATMs with their mobile channels, their branches and Internet banking.

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Sponsor: Auriga

WWS MOBILE - World class Mobile Banking and Payments

WWS Mobile is a well proven, highly secure, mobile banking and payments solution that delivers the widest range of banking services in the most cost effective way.

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Sponsor: Auriga

ATM Monitoring Technology for Omnichannel Banking Systems

This report examines how FIs use their existing ATM monitoring and management platform, as well as how they might integrate ATM monitoring technology into an omnichannel environment.

Type: Guide

Sponsor: Auriga

Payment Strategy - Renew the Old, Ring in the New

New and Renew — Initiatives, strategies and new approaches for payment transformation

Type: Special Report

Sponsor: Infosys

ATM & Mobile 101

This report provides guidance for ATM deployers considering the integration of their ATM and mobile channels.

Type: Guide

Sponsor: FIS Global

Electronic Mini-Branches: A low-cost alternative to traditional branches

Electronic Mini-Branches containing multiple ATMs and other self-service equipment provide a low-cost way for FIs to grow and expand service without the expense of building and staffing large branches.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Heritage Industries Inc.

ATMs play key role in FIs’ omnichannel strategy

ATMs are primed to play a key role in omnichannel banking, providing a bridge between different delivery channels and enabling FIs to save costs by moving traditional teller transactions to interactive self- service machines.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Elan Financial Services

A successful omnichannel banking for a new branch model

The buzzwords in today’s banking industry are omnichannel, channel integration, cross-channel capabilities and a new branch model. Banks, big and small, are approaching a real revolution with the goals of improving customer experience and increasing efficiency.

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Sponsor: Auriga

It's All About the Customer Experience

Great experiences keep customers coming back time and time again. Give your customers a “wow” experience and they will tell their friends and colleagues and share on social media.

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Cashflow | VNR Recycler

Have you ever gone to an amusement park or a ski resort with your family and friends and all you see are huge lines everywhere you turn? Did you wish for them to all just disappear?

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Crane Payment Innovations

ATM Future Trends 2015

In the 2015 ATM Future Trends report we surveyed over 300 ATM and banking industry executives on a wide array of topics, from industry trends to threats and opportunities that loom on the horizon. In addition, we have consumer input from the U.S. and India on current and future ATM and banking trends.

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