ATMIA, Tremont publish new overview of US ATM industry

The ATM Industry Association and Tremont Capital Group have jointly released the "U.S. ATM Industry Overview," an updated version of the ATM deployer white paper first published in 2010. The comprehensive report begins with a historical review of the ATM industry over nearly five decades.


2013's 10 best blogs

From ATM upgrade deadlines to an updated 'light' branch, the topics of these blogs clicked with our readers in 2013.

How the market is forcing multivendor ATM strategies to a new level

A panel of experts including Citibank, Navy FCU and NCR discuss the market's need for ATM solutions that work in a multichannel environment dominated by mobile. (From the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.)

ATM & Mobile Executive Summit 2013: The ATM-mobile connection

On day one of the first annual ATM & Mobile Executive Summit in Washington, D.C., ATM Marketplace Editor Suzanne Cluckey gave a morning presentation on the histories of telephony and the ATM, leading up to the convergence of the two...

The Stamp Stop: A look at ATM innovation

The history of the ATM is a 50-year tale of ingenuity and the endless quest for customer convenience.

From punchcard to prestaging: 50 years of ATM innovation

Webinar explores the making -- and remaking -- of the ATM industry.

How the ATM revolutionized retail banking: Part II

Blogger Bernardo Batiz-Lazo traces the history of Diebold and its contributions to the ATM industry.

Remembering John Shepherd-Barron in the age of the million-dollar ATM heist

In the '60s, there was no such word as 'cybercrime' because there was no such thing. How times have changed.

Cashbox: Where the money is!

A short time ago I was asked by Tom Harper, president of Networld Media Group, co-founder of the ATM Industry Association and publisher of, whether I would be interested in reviewing a book he coauthored with Bernardo Bàtiz-Lazo, professor...

How the ATM revolutionized retail banking - Part I

A brief history of the machine everybody takes for granted ... and nobody wants to be without.

A History of the ATM [Infographic]

A look at some of the key dates in the fascinating history of the ATM.

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Inventor of ATM PIN to be honored at Harvard

James Goodfellow, the Scot who invented the PIN number in 1965, will be honored this Thursday during an awards dinner and ceremony at Harvard University, where he will be entered in the payments hall of fame. Goodfellow, now 75, received...

The modern-day ATM turns 40

Used to be, it just seemed like you spent four decades waiting at the ATM for a transaction to go through. But now it really has been 40 years.

PIN patent gets owner $15

Since it was thought up nearly 50 years ago, nobody's come up with a more durable or widely accepted authenticator for banking than the PIN. So you might expect the person who invented it to be a millionaire several times...

A tribute to the life of John Shepherd-Barron, ATM inventor

The ATMIA today paid tribute to Shepherd-Barron, whose funeral takes place tomorrow in Scotland.

Chinese ATM market defies economic slowdown, sees record expansion

According to the findings of a new study carried out by Retail Banking Research (RBR) the number of ATMs in China grew by more than 40,000, a new record. The number of ATMs in the country reached 208,000 by the...

Rocky Mountain ATM names new company president

Rocky Mountain ATM recently announced the appointment of Dale Dentlinger as company president, effective Jan. 1.

SURVEY: Russia overtakes Spain, U.K. as largest ATM market in Europe

LONDON — In the latest edition of its 2009 survey, "ATMs and Cash Dispensers Central and Eastern Europe," Retail Banking Research Ltd. says the 15 countries it has tracked in CEE have once again shown exceptional growth.

Credit rating firm says U.S. banking industry won't recover until 2010

FREDERICK, Md. — The fourth quarter of 2008 was not so good for the banking industry, and the financial conditions of commercial banks and savings and loans is expected to further deteriorate for the rest of 2009 and the first...

New report says ATM consolidation will continue, ATM transaction volumes will rise

BOSTON — Tremont Capital Group, an ATM-industry consultancy that works closely with the ATM Industry Association, has released its 2009 ATM Industry Fact Sheet, which summarizes the history and current state of the ATM industry. Among its findings, Tremont Capital...

Diebold celebrates 150th anniversary

NORTH CANTON, Ohio — When Carl Diebold came to the United States in the mid-1800s from Germany, he was determined to use his locksmith skills to build some of the most secure safes in America. This year, Diebold Inc.

Wincor Nixdorf expands bank consulting in business intelligence

PADERBORN, Germany — Wincor Nixdorf AG is enhancing its consulting portfolio for the banking business.   According to a news release, Wincor Nixdorf plans to expand its business intelligence into its overall consulting business.

Banks, credit unions say economy worries lead to more technology, efficiency

NEW YORK — ACI Worldwide Inc. says banks and credit unions plan to lean on technology to improve profitability.

Vietnamese banks expected to add ATM fees in '09

VietNamNet: The director of the HCM City branch of the State Bank of Vietnam Ho Huu Hanh says the end of 2009 would be a good time for banks in Vietnam to begin collecting ATM fees. Hanh says collecting ATM...

World's first ATM user dies at 92

The Canadian Press: Reg Varney, a comic actor who played a cheery Cockney bus driver in the British sitcom "On the Buses," died Sunday, his daughter said. He was 92.

ISOs test Amazon gift cards with Better ATM

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