Do EMV upgrades trigger ADA review?


IADs whose ATMs were not up to ADA standards as of March 15, 2012, might want to review their portfolio before simply buying EMV upgrade kits for existing machines.


ATMIA email alerts keep recipients current on legislation, regulations

If "ignorance of the law is no excuse," then using a service that keeps you current on the law is a no-brainer.

NCR and Navy FCU's mobile strategy slowed down by compliance

ADA, EMV, Windows 7 and a slew of other mandates have impeded the flow of products, services and other "customer delighters" from hitting the market. (Panel discussion at the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.)

A manufacturer's dilemma

Editor's note: Remember the "I Love Lucy" episode (#39) that had Lucy and Ethel working on a candy factory production line wrapping chocolates? If so, you'll know exactly what this blog post from Triton is all about. Too fast! Too...

The 411 on Upgrading Your ATMs [infographic]

With three major fleet-wide ATM upgrade initiatives currently in the pipeline — EMV, PCI and Windows 7 — this infographic will help you keep track of it all.

Decoding ATM upgrades

Hallo ATM Marketplatz! It has been quite some time since my last blog post, and I apologize for the delay. I've been traveling quite a bit lately to support someexciting global events for ACG. We exhibited at the FSPA conference, and at ATMIA Canada and ATMIA Europe.

50 shades of ADA

One year after implementation of new ADA guidelines, ATM deployers are in varying states of compliance.

Commentary: Who's really calling the shots on ADA for the ATM industry?

A Massachusetts district court judge's order against Cardtronics should have the entire ATM industry up in arms.

ADA and the ATM Brand

The ADA requirements deadline for ATMs has long since passed, but many financial institutions have yet to make the upgrades to all of their machines. Some 50 percent of ATMs in the United States remained non-compliant following the deadline, according...

Don't junk that ATM!

There might be a more environmentally friendly way to dispose of that older ATM, says this commentary from Triton.

The top 5 things we learned from ADA: It’s not over.

As 2012 comes to a close, it's good to look back at ADA implementation to see what we learned from it — and where it might take us in 2013 and beyond. Believe it or not, some financial institutions still...

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Cardtronics settles NFB litigation over ATM accessibility

The company has agreed to establish an 'accessibility center of excellence,' which will develop enhanced voice guidance software for blind customers.

7 new ADA lawsuits lodged against Tenn. FIs

Plaintiffs from Tennessee and Alabama have filed seven lawsuits against Tennessee financial institutions claiming violations of federally mandated ATM accessibility standards that went into effect on March 15, 2012. According To CUNA News Now, legally blind complainants Susan Welchly and...

Bank of Botetourt opts for Fiserv account processing

Bank of Botetourt, a $320 million FI in Buchanan, Va., will implement the Precision bank account processing platform from financial services technology provider Fiserv Inc. The bank will run a number of Fiserv customer-facing software solutions on the platform, enabling...

ATMIA offers new compliance service to members

The ATM Industry Association has announced a new service that will deliver compliance monitoring and regulatory alerts to United States chapter members in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. ATMIA management and members with expertise in compliance and regulatory issues...

Law firm known for EFTA litigation files new ADA suit

Now that EFTA lawsuit filings are a thing of the past, will ADA lawsuit filings take their place? A class action lawsuit filed two weeks ago in Atlanta might offer an indication. According to a report by CUNA News Now,...

Prolific Pittsburgh attorney files new ATM fee notice suits

Bruce Carlson is busy — very busy. Since March 15, the Pittsburgh lawyer has filed 19 class action suits against ATM operators on behalf of a Texas woman, Victoria Gilkerson, alleging that machines did not meet new ADA requirements, and...

More ADA lawsuits land on court dockets

Lawsuits stemming from the new ADA guidelines for ATMs continue to mount. Most recently, 19 FIs have been sued by a blind Texas woman for allegedly failing to meet ADA requirements. According to an American Banker article, plaintiff Victoria Gilkerson is represented by a "prolific" tort lawyer from the Pittsburgh area, R.

Calif. businesses get relief from predatory ADA lawsuits

California governor Jerry Brown said Wednesday that he had signed into law SB1186, which will protect business owners in the state from frivolous lawsuits filed under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Portions of the law will take affect immediately. The...

Diebold posts Q2 financials, tightens guidance

Diebold, Inc. today reported second quarter 2012 net income from continuing operations of $26.5 million, or $0.41 per diluted share.

ADA lawsuit ends with consent decree

Pittsburgh-based Century Heritage FCU, last week signed a consent decree in federal court that will result in the dismissal of a class-action lawsuit claiming that the FI's ATMs failed to comply with new ADA regulations. According to a report at...

California group protests state senate's ADA bill

Just last week, the California Senate unanimously passed SB 1186, which would ban attorneys from sending "demand for money" letters to businesses for alleged ADA violations. Today, the National Federation of the Blind of California called the bill "discriminatory." The...

Bill targeting ADA lawsuits passes Calif. Senate

The California legislature is continuing to work toward a solution to abusive ADA lawsuits. Legal News Line reported that, on a bipartisan vote, the California senate this Tuesday passed SB 1186, which would ban "demand for money" letters from ADA...

Webinar to help self-service operators comply with ADA, PCI

The Digital Screenmedia Association is hoping to help deployers of self-service technology better understand the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, with its release of publications covering the topics and a...

ADA lawsuits sting Pittsburgh-area banks

A little more than a month after new Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines for ATMs took effect, the lawsuits are beginning to roll in. According to an article by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a Pittsburgh-area man has filed federal lawsuits against...

Judge bounces ADA suit brought by serial plaintiff

You win some, you get some thrown out of court. On March 28, a federal judge tossed serial ADA plaintiff Gerald Riviello Jr.'s case against Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union, an article at reported. In his suit, Riviello claimed...

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Blind representatives have approached banks and other ATM owners about improving blind users' access to ATMs, relying on the 1992 Americans With Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines ("ADAAG") requirement that ATMs be "accessible to and independently usable by persons with vision impairments."  ADAAG provides the technical requirements for making facilities accessible.  The related regulation, which interprets the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"), is promulgated by the Department of Justice and dictates which facilities must be accessible.