ATM, EFT and POS Simulation and Testing Software - FASTest™

Conduct comprehensive QA and regression tests that run with point-and-click ease with FASTest™. Accelerate testing of over 100 message formats including EFT switches, credit or debit card processors, POS devices, ATMs or your host application.

  • Use off-the-shelf tests or build-your-own. Data groups include STAR ISO, NYCE, SHAZAM, Visa, MasterCard, BASE 24, eFunds, NCR, Diebold, Wincor and over 90 other message formats.
  • Easily manipulate fields, messages, or transaction sequences.
  • Thorough testing of all message types-including EMV.
  • Dynamic responses to messages.
  • Wizards simplify data entry of complex fields.
  • Easy import of production system transactions.
  • Freedom from bitmap calculations.
  • Offline testing for switch pre-certification.
  • Fast, flexible test construction.
  • Automated, verifiable results. Easy testing of valid and invalid data.
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