KAL Kalignite NDC

KAL’s Kalignite NDC application is a plug-and-play solution that upgrades your NDC network to the newest generation of multi-vendor NDC technology without requiring any changes to the NDC Host. It is designed for easy integration into existing NDC networks and is unique in that it is both multi-vendor compliant and a "full emulation" of the NDC protocol.

In addition to supporting all standard NDC features, Kalignite NDC introduces a wide range of new features including: one-to-to marketing, check image deposits, bill payments, bunch note cash acceptance, cash recycling, mobile phone top-ups and more.

Kalignite NDC provides a full and complete emulation of the NDC protocol including full support for the NDC ‘download’ which means that there are no operational changes required when deploying Kalignite NDC.

  • Full emulation means that no changes are required at the NDC Host in order to run Kalignite NDC on the ATMs.
  • Kalignite NDC provides comprehensive support for Web-based technologies that can be used to dramatically enrich the customer’s ATM experience.  
  • Developed on the robust foundations of the Kalignite Software Platform, Kalignite NDC is fully multi-vendor which means that a single Kalignite NDC application can be deployed on a diverse network of ATMs regardless of the hardware manufacturer thereby greatly reducing ongoing development and support costs.
  • Kalignite NDC operability and message formats are fully compatible with existing NDC Host systems which ensures rapid deployment and integration across multi vendor ATM networks.
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