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The ATM is increasingly becoming a target for organized crime. Those ATM vendors and deployers who respond in a piecemeal, tactical fashion are only delaying the problem or temporarily moving it elsewhere. To maintain the extraordinary level of trust that consumers place in self-service and avoid the hard cash losses associated with fraud, the industry must adopt a holistic security strategy that protects the ATM channel at all potential points of compromise.

NCR is leading the industry in safeguarding the future of the ATM channel through investing in new technologies, services and initiatives to stay ahead of the criminal:

ATM Fraud prevention
NCR's patented portfolio of complementary countermeasures offers unique levels of defense in the battle against ATM fraud. The portfolio includes NCR's Intelligent Fraud Detection and NCR's Global Fraud and Security Consultancy Practice.

ATM Physical Security
Brute force attacks on ATMs are on the increase. NCR offers superior safe options with CEN L and innovative, cost effective ways of protecting the cash with ink- staining. NCR's CEN L safe and ink-staining solution offer cost effective superior security.

ATM Software Security
There has been much media interest - even hype - over ATM software security concerns. NCR offers unique levels of 'inside - out' defense. Understanding today's ATM security risks and future threats has resulted in NCR's unique, proven approach to intelligent software security, control and regulatory compliance.

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