KAL Kalignite Software Platform

KAL’s Kalignite Software Platform provides a rich application development and runtime environment for ATMs, Kiosks, and Branch delivery channels. Built on the XFS standard, it provides the developer with everything needed to create functionally-rich, robust applications for ATMs and kiosk systems.

The Kalignite Platform supports a huge number of hardware devices and ATM types with an extensive range of hardware capabilities including coin recycling, cash recycling, bundled check deposit, bulk cash acceptance, passbooks and cash deposit as well as standard ATM devices such as card readers and pinpads.

ATM applications built upon the solid foundations of Kalignite include KAL’s industry leading K3A -Kalignite Advanced ATM Application and Kalignite NDC. In addition, there are a large number of other applications developed by KAL’s global network of partners using the Kalignite Platform.

The Kalignite Platform provides a simple-to-use, robust and intuitive development environment enabling the rapid creation of ATM, Kiosk and branch-teller applications. Multichannel application development is a key aspect of the Kalignite Platform. A single software development environment can be used reducing development cost and increasing productivity.

  • The Kalignite Platform’s built-in analysis and support tools allow rapid diagnosis and resolution of software and hardware problems in both development and runtime environments.
  • The Kalignite Platform is designed to maximize system uptime by incorporating advanced functionality such as performance monitoring and remote software download and installation.
  • The Kalignite Platform’s Advanced Device Simulators, along with many other integrated tools, enable comprehensive development and testing of business logic and complex error conditions without the need for real ATM hardware thereby saving time and reducing overall project costs.
  • The Kalignite Platform has been certified on ATMs manufactured by over 40 worldwide vendors, including all of the industry’s leading providers. Applications developed using the Kalignite Platform are truly multi vendor and are guaranteed to run on all XFS-compliant systems.
  • The Kalignite Platform supports over 250 off-the-shelf hardware devices such as card readers, printers and cash dispensers, in addition to the ATMs mentioned above.
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