ATM Dial Up to IP, IP to IP, The DPL Group Hercules IP

Long distance charges will no longer be a concern.  Connect to the Internet via connection directly to a router, switch, through a WiFi adapter, or an AC Powerline Kit available through The DPL Group.  Usage is unlimited with no Mbyte charge rate and is based on a month to month basis.  No long term contracts are required.  The Hercules IP is available in Two Way configuration allowing the ISO fully able to utilize the ATM manufactures' management software from any PC.  No static IP required and transactions times are dramatically reduced.

Our units are fully monitored at all times through our secure VPN.  When unit heartbeats no longer transmit, customers are notified that their units are in trouble.

In addition, our customers have free access to our Log In On-Line Management Systems which allows them to tag their units with identification names or locations and make any necessary adjustments.

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