Financial Self-Service and Bank Branch Automation

Dynasty’s main goal is to guarantee the independence of their clients from today’s diversity of hardware platforms and peripheral providers, achieving cots optimization and being able to choose not only by functionalities but also according to economic advantages.

This way our solutions for Self-Service and Branch Banking are target to fulfill today’s needs in this market: Connectivity, Security, Monitoring, Marketing, and above all, Independence.

Branch Banking Management

Bank Branching

Regarding Branch Banking Management, Dynasty presents Global DS Suite answering the needs of bank agencies. With this solution, our clients achieve the independence of their FT (Financial Terminal) applications from the large diversity of device banking providers.

Global DS present the following components:

  1. Global DS Configurator
  2. Global DS Tester
  3. Global DS Simulator
  4. Global DS Updater
  5. Global DS Checker
  6. Global DS XForm
  7. Global DS XLogger


Self Service
In the environment of Self Service, the benefit of Multivendor applications (completely free form ATMs models) has been the main desire for financial entities. Dynasty answers this need developing a complete Self-Service solution that covers the most important aspects of these environments through their product family JAM:
  1. Dynasty JAM
  2. Dynasty JAM Service Interface
  3. Dynasty JAM Network Monitor
  4. Checker ATM Security
  5. Dynasty EMV Kernel
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