Build Your Brand with an Attractive Family of ATM Surrounds

Companion SurroundThere are five walk-up surrounds in this series. If you want a consistent look at all your branches and sites, this family of surrounds will give you an attractive, uniform brand identity.

The following surrounds are part of our 939X surround series:

  • The 9391 is a slender ATM surround that does not have envelopes or waste.  This surround is good for areas with a small foot print.
  • The 9395 surround looks similar to the 9391 surround only it has envelopes and waste.
  • The 9392 and 9393 ATM surrounds have a point of sale (POS) area where you can add a marketing panel and/or network displays.  The POS area on the 9392 is on the right and the POS area on the 9393 is on the left.
  • Yes, we even have a double ATM surround available as well, the 9394.  This double surround is great for locations that have more than one ATM or an ATM and depository. The surround height and width can be customized to fit your site specs.

Companion ATM 2

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