Cash Forecasting

Save the staff time and costly mistakes, let Cash Connect do the Cash Forecasting for you.  Order amounts are determined and placed using a sophisticated software program designed to optimize their cash and transportation expenses while cutting down on labor costs. 
Predicting how much cash your ATMs need is a difficult balancing act.  Manage your cash loads too tightly, and your ATMs run out of cash. Order too much cash, and you’ll pay for cash you don’t need.
Let Cash Connect optimize the load amounts and transportation schedule for your ATMs. Using state-of-the-art cash optimization software, we can lower cash inventories by 20 to 40 percent while reducing cash outages.
  Products and Services
  • ATM Vault Cash

    ATM Vault Cash
    Let Cash Connect handle your cash, funding logistics, and reconcilement needs.  Spend more of your time and money growing your business by leaving the vault cash to the bank with the largest funding network and most expertise in the industry.

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  • Armored Courier Management

    Armored Courier Management
    Take advantage of Cash Connect’s experience and cost savings by allowing us to contract with and manage the armored courier for you.  Leave the hassle to us for a surprisingly low cost!

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