NCR APTRA Cash Management

NCR APTRA Cash Management is the world's leading currency supply chain management solution for the banking industry. NCR develops software that provides significant recurring cost savings in ATM, branch and vault networks by going beyond simple forecasting and actually optimizing and balancing all of the cost components. NCR APTRA Cash Management is in production at over 100,000 Cash Points spanning across six continents.

NCR APTRA Cash Management is the only full-scale Currency Management system available in the world. It provides an end-to-end solution for the entire cash supply chain.

  • Balances all the competing cost components
  • Anticipates the needs of each Cash Delivery Point across the branch and ATM network
  • The optimization process finds the lowest possible cost to service the cash demand 
  • NCR APTRA Cash Management provides superior return and cost savings for your branches, vaults and ATMs

Cash Management advantages:

  • Tangible savings including optimizing carrier schedule and emergency deliveries
  • Save your financial institution money by only sending replenishment services when needed
  • Unique simulation modeling capability to predict savings
  • Pre-emptive alerts to minimize surprises
  • Uses fixed and variable cost definitions to increase accuracy

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