BankWorld ATM

CR2’s BankWorld ATM suite is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that gives banks’ staff complete control over the operation and management of the ATM network. BankWorld ATM facilitates decision making, product development, segmentation at the ATM, design of ATM screens, delivery of new offerings, problem resolution and maximizes the ATM uptime.

BankWorld ATM product suite includes a range of tools for the various needs of business and IT departments within the bank:

BankWorld Channel Manager comprises of:

  • BankWorld ATM Client
  • BankWorld ATM Manager 
  • BankWorld ATM Distributor 
  • BankWorld ATM Support Tool 
  • BankWorld ATM Custodian 
  • BankWorld ATM Studio 
  • BankWorld Account Notifications 
  • BankWorld ATM Camera 
  • BankWorld Foreign Currency 
  • BankWorld Cardless Services 
  • BankWorld E-Billing 
  • BankWorld CDM 
  • BankWorld Fees Module 
  • BankWorld Card to Card Transfer 
  • BankWorld Personalised Payments 
  • BankWorld Money Voucher
  • BankWorld P2P 
  • BankWorld NetWork Cardless Acquiring
  • BankWorld System monitor 
  • BankWorld Network Simulator 
  • Network Gateway Monitor 
  • BankWorld ATM Cash Position
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