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At NCR, we know that sales are vital to grow your business. But we also understand that transforming your branches might seem like a massive step. Which is why our Branch Transformation Solutions let you adopt an incremental approach to help you achieve your goals of transaction automation, customer satisfaction and sales enablement

It means you can take the most productive, effective steps possible, at a time that best suits you and your business.

It’s all thanks to our services led, software driven and hardware enabled branch solutions.


 Branch Effectiveness Modeling     

NCR Branch Effectiveness Modeling
Deliver an overview of the efficiency of your branches and the best, most cost-effective ways it can be improved. All with the aim to drive sales enablement through improving customer service thanks to transaction automation.
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 NCR APTRA Self-Scheduler  

NCR APTRA Self-Scheduler 
An integrated, multichannel online appointment scheduling solution that provides your customers with a consistent, seamless approach to appointment booking wherever and whenever they need it.
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 NCR APTRA Interactive Teller   NCR APTRA Interactive Teller
 Enables consumers to video conference with live, remote bank tellers through the ATM for a personalized, high quality, two-way video/audio interaction.
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 NCR Financial Kiosk  

NCR Financial Kiosk
Self-service banking kiosks that enables migration of low-value, routine transactions away from tellers to the self-service channel, resulting in maximized staff productivity, branch efficiency and revenue generation opportunities.
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 NCR Cash Recyclers  

NCR Cash Recyclers
Automates cash handling at the teller line resulting in improved operational efficiency which frees up time for additional customer dialogue.
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