ECS Enhanced Card Security Anti-Skimming Device

Did you know that global skimming losses are estimated to be $1 Billion ?!

ACG’s ECS Device is a standalone anti-skimming solution that is compatible with NCR, Wincor-Nixdorf, and Diebold ATMs. ECS deactivates skimming devices by generating disturbing frequencies as cards pass through the card reader—keeping confidential customer information safe!

  • ECS enhances customer security without inconveniencing them. Transactions are never interrupted in the event of a skimming attack
  • ECS is a simple, standalone solution. There’s no need to incur the additional expense of ad-ons that you don’t really need!
  • ECS is reliable. Ask about our product testing results!
  • ECS includes anti-trap detection technology—no additional kit required!
  • ECS is the most competitively priced anti-skimming solution on the market—nearly half the price of solutions from leading competitors!
  • With ECS you can Plug & Play—no software modifications required!
  • We Care! Each ECS device includes an 18-month guarantee—no questions asked.
  • Installing ECS is quick—taking just 15-25 minutes. Plus, ECS maintenance is simple and easy for technicians—minimizing their workloads!

With ECS you are not just installing an anti-skimming device, you are installing customer security!

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