Durable and Attractive Composite Series Kiosks

  • Stylish kiosk with curved front and canopy creates appealing ATM environment
  • Replaceable front ATM panel with recessed ATM opening protects your ATM
  • Recessed based on front body panel allows for vehicle bumper clearance
  • Patented Straight Line Suspension (SLS) System distributes the ATM weight throughout the kiosk frame
  • Seamless, composite roof with internal drainage system prevents leakage and eliminates unsightly streaking
  • Includes backlit front sign, envelope dispenser, and climate control system
  • Meets seismic zone 4 requirements, wind shear 120 mph, and is UL-listed
  • Fiberglass composite shell and roof with interior steel structure frame.
  • Additional options include: backlit side and rear signs, front and rear down lighting, strike zones, and more...

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ATM Kiosk





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